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Emergency Contacts & Information


Call 911 from any campus phone. If you call 911 from a cellular phone, be prepared to tell the operator your exact location.

  • Stay on the line until the operator ends the call.
  • Tell the operator which building you are in or near and where you are in the building.
  • Give the operator all the details of the incident
William & Mary Police

Non-emergency number: 757-221-4596
201 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23187

Additional contact information

Campus Evacuation

A wide-spread emergency, such as a severe hurricane or large-scale public health emergency, may require an evacuation of the entire campus. Understand the different types of campus evacuations:

Mandatory Evacuation
  • Students are required to evacuate residence halls and leave campus for a safer location. All residence halls will be locked.
  • The campus will close soon after a mandatory evacuation is issued.
  • Students should implement their evacuation plans.
Available Resources for Evacuations
  • W&M Parking & Transportation
  • Amtrak
  • SA Rideshare
Classes Cancelled vs. University Closed

Depending on the severity of the emergency, W&M may choose to cancel classes while maintaining daily operations on campus.

Classes Cancelled
  • Set period of time when classes will not take place at W&M.
  • Grading and attendance policies are suspended.
University Closed
  • All business operations will cease.
  • No W&M students, faculty or staff will be allowed on campus unless designated as essential personnel.
  • All campus services will stop until the university is reopened.
  • If necessary, W&M may keep open portions of the university for business operations.
University Reopening
  • Students, faculty and staff will be allowed back on campus.
  • Some or all business operations and processes will resume.
  • Classes may or may not resume.
  • Residence halls may or may not remain closed.
  • If necessary, W&M may only reopen portions of the university for business operations.

In the event of an emergency W&M will notify students, faculty and staff through the W&M mass notification system. Below are some of the tools W&M uses to communicate during an emergency situation. The use of each tool will vary based on the nature, duration and severity of an emergency.

The website and social media pages are excellent ways for W&M families and friends to monitor campus emergencies.

Emergency Text Messages

Information may be disseminated to the cell phones of students, faculty and staff that are registered for W&M Rave alert service. Mass text messages will not be sent in every emergency situation.

To sign up, log in to Banner and update your Emergency Alerts information under "Personal Information."

Blast Emails

Messages may be sent to all students, faculty and staff campus email addresses.

Emergency Information Website -

Situation updates, instructions, emergency policies and related information will be posted to reflect the latest emergency information available.

University Homepage -

Updates will be posted regularly and an emergency information banner may be activated.

Social Media Pages

Up-to-date information can be accessed on the W&M News Facebook and Twitter pages.

W&M Siren System

The outdoor warning system consists of nine strategically placed campus sirens that may be used when the majority of the W&M community needs to shelter-in-place due to a severe emergency. Read more about the use of the siren and staying informed.