William & Mary

Awards and Scholarships

... for Students and Faculty

Many awards are granted by Alpha Chapter each year to students and faculty:

  • Ann Callahan Chappell Award

    Award to the most outstanding PBK initiate in the fall (listed by graduating class)
    2000: Susan Bacon
    2001: K. Elizabeth Colyer
    2002: Hanley Chiang
    2003: Vijay Dondeti
    2004: Claire Wimbush
    2005: Steven M. Lewis
    2006: Laura Elizabeth Smith
    2007: Lauren Nicole Merrill

    2008: Lindsay Gail Gibson
    2009: Kiara Allman
    2010: Irene Morrison-Moncure
    2011: Adam Lerner

    2012: Kiara Savage

          2013: Ashleigh Kemp Ramos

          2014: Alison Roberts

  • Virginia Northcott Brinkley Award
    Award for excellence in writing to a spring PBK initiate (listed by graduating class)
    2005: Allison Jack
    2006: Jessica Miller
    2007: Matthew Sherrill
    2008: Kathryn Lee Swanson
    2009: James Curtis Staples
  • Departmental Named Scholarship
    One student award of $2000 to the outstanding senior major in a specific department
    (rotates among departments and is named after an emeritus faculty member known for dedication to teaching)  
  • Ludwell Johnson Scholarships
    Four student awards of $1200 each to PBK or non-PBK students (3.0 GPA minimum)
  • William Lamb Scholarship
    A $2000 student award to a PBK initiate
  • Jane Williams Mahoney Scholarships
    Four student awards of $1675 each (3.0 GPA minimum)
  • Muriel M. Jennings Scholarships
    Eight student awards at $2130 and one at $2,500
  • Faculty Award for the Advancement of Scholarship

    An award to an outstanding young scholar on the College faculty
    (made possible by an endowment established by John D. Rockefeller)
    1999-2000: Yana Rodgers, Economics
    2000-2001: Anne Rasmussen, Music
    2001-2002: Carey Bagdassarian, Chemistry
    2002-2003: Lisa Anderson, Economics
    2003-2004: Chuck Bailey, Geology
    2004-2005: Dan Cristol, Biology
    2005-2006: Evgenia Smirni, Computer Science
    2006-2007: Ronald Schechter, History
    2007-2008: Junping Shi, Mathematics

    2008-2009: John Swaddle, Biology

     2009-2010: Graham Ousey, Sociology

     2010-2011: Gregory Smith, Applied Sciences

        2011-2012: Robert Leventhal, Modern Languages and Literatures


  • Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

    An award to an outstanding teacher on the College faculty
    (made possible by an endowment established by John D. Rockefeller)
    1999-2000: Tom Heacox, English

2000-2001: Jack Martin, English 2001-2002: Paul Heideman, Biology2002-2003: C.K. Li, Mathematics2003-2004: Brent Owens, Geology2004-2005: Kate Slevin, Sociology2005-2006: Phillip Daileader, History2006-2007: Greg Hancock, Geology2007-2008: Deborah Morse, English2008-2009: Silvia Tandeciarz, Modern Languages2009-2010: Paul Mapp, History2010-2011: John Griffin, Biology2011-2012: Barbara Watkinson, Art and Art History; 2014-2015 Gail McEachron, Education

Anyone interested in further information or in supporting these efforts should contact:

Professor Will Hausman
Treasurer, PBK
Department of Economics
College of William and Mary, Box 8795
Williamsburg VA 23187-8795