Phi Beta Kappa Society

Alpha Chapter of Virginia


PBK Gold Key

Meetings are held in the Apollo Room of Phi Beta Kappa Hall unless otherwise noted.

September 12 (Monday)  4:30 pm – Executive Committee
Agenda: Plans for the year, speakers, named scholarship(s), Winter / Spring inductions

September 20 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm – Stated Meeting
Agenda: Report on scholarship funds, plans for the year, upcoming initiatives

October 24 (Monday) 7:30 pm – Restricted Meeting
      Agenda: Election of new student members-in-course, student respondent
      Selection of Ann Callahan Chappell Award student winner

December 2 (Friday) – WINTER INITIATION
     4:30 pm  Open House and Reception   Great Hall, Sir Christopher Wren Building
     6:00 pm  Initiation   Wren Chapel, Sir Christopher Wren Building
     7:30 pm  Dinner   Miller Hall, Mason School of Business

December 3 (Saturday) – Tour of Apollo Room in PBK Hall
     10:00 am  Tour of the Secret Chambers for new initiates and guests

January 23 (Monday) 4:30 pm – Executive Committee Meeting
      Agenda: TBD

January 31 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm – Restricted Meeting
Agenda: Selection of Faculty Awards

February 15 (Wednesday) – Awards Reception
Award for Excellence in Teaching, Award for Advancement of Scholarship, Departmental Award to a Student in honor of a retiring faculty member
     6:00 pm  Reception in Dodge and Apollo Rooms of PBK Hall
     6:30 pm  Presentations

March 20 (Monday) 7:30 pm – Restricted Meeting
Agenda: Selection of new student members-in-course, new faculty and alumni members, student respondent
     Recommendation for 2017-2018 PBK Visiting Scholar

April 4 (Tuesday) 5:00 pm – Stated Meeting
Agenda:  Election of Chapter officers, Lifelong Learner Award, and committee reports

May 12 (Friday) – Spring Initiation
11:00 am - 12:10 pm  Initiation   Wren Chapel
      12:10 pm - 1:30 pm  Reception  Tent in Sunken Gardens

May 13 (Saturday) – Tour of Apollo Room in PBK Hall
     2:00 - 4:00 pm  Tour of the Secret Chambers for new initiates and guests