W&M Websites A-Z


  1. Ideation Magazine
    Ideation-as a print magazine-has been published twice a year by the College of William & Mary since 2005. The Ideation website has the same mission as the magazine, to showcase the research and scholarship contributions to society being made by faculty and students of the College.
  2. ID Office (Tribe Card Services)
    Tribe Card Services unites the College through a secure and reliable id card system that makes it easy for you to access goods and services, such as dining and meal plans, the W&M Express program, vending, laundry and door access.
  3. Information Technology (IT)
    IT is a service-based organization, working hard to provide faculty, students and staff with the necessary tools and resources to maximize their teaching, learning, research and on-campus experience.
  4. Inner Architect
    In the Inner Architect, students will move their collection of experiences (coursework, co-currcicular involvement, community engagement, internships and work) through a process of integration toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose in the world.
  5. Institute for Historical Biology
    The Institute for Historical Biology provides a space where the relationships of human biology and culture can be examined in new ways. The Institute encourages research that departs from the tendency toward biological reductionism which characterizes much of the history of science, in order to consider the organic influences of the learned relations of society.
  6. Institute for Integrative Bird Behavior Studies
    An integrative research and educational institute that brings together biology, mathematics, economics and philosophy to understand the interactions of birds and society.
  7. Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations
    W&M's Institute for the Theory and Practice of International Relations promotes research that contributes to contemporary public policy issues. It seeks to convince current and future policy makers that careful attention to the procedures of social science can improve policy making and, thus, the world we all inhabit.
  8. Institute of Pilgrimage Studies
    The Institute of Pilgrimage Studies facilitates the study of pilgrimage through two primary mechanisms. The Institute 1) provides support for the international Consortium of Pilgrimage Studies including organizing an annual conference and 2) facilitates a study abroad program through William & Mary based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
  9. Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness, Office of
    The Office of Institutional Accreditation & Effectiveness (IAE), a Division of the Office of the Provost, promotes compliance with regional accreditation and state academic requirements through rigorous self-regulation and continuous improvement within the College.
  10. Institutional Research
    The Office of Institutional Research is a trusted provider of accurate, timely and unbiased research-based information regarding the College of William & Mary and its role in higher education.
  11. Interdisciplinary Studies
    The Charles Center's broad mission is to enhance the quality of undergraduate teaching and learning. Many of the Center's initiatives seek to fulfill this mission with interdisciplinary academic programs that straddle or fall outside of the department structure in Arts and Sciences. In addition, the Center has a particular interest in recruiting and providing special academic, co-curricular, and scholarship resources for Monroe Scholars and other academically distinguished undergraduate and graduate students.
  12. Internal Audit, Office of
    The mission of the Office of Internal Audit is to support the respective missions of the College of William & Mary and Richard Bland College by providing auditing services to the Board of Visitors and the colleges.
  13. International Relations
    The International Relations program promotes the systematic study of political, economic and historic relations among states and other actors in the international system.
  14. International Students and Scholars
    Each year, hundreds of international students and scholars study, teach and conduct research at William & Mary, in the process contributing invaluable perspectives to our classrooms and campus. The Reves Center serves and supports W&M's international community, ensuring their smooth transition to and academically successful experience at the College.
  15. International Studies, Reves Center for
    The Wendy and Emery Reves Center for International Studies works to develop, enrich and promote the international dimensions of learning, teaching, research and civic engagement at the College. It does so through its education abroad programs, support for international students and scholars, on-campus events and programming, and advancement of internationally-focused scholarship and initiatives.
  16. Italian Studies
    Language training and a variety of educational experiences grounded in the European humanistic tradition.