W&M Websites A-Z


  1. Latin American Studies
    Latin American Studies features a detailed examination of the cultural, economic, historical, political and social development of one of the world's most dynamic and diverse regions.
  2. Law Library
    The Wolf Law Library's 380,000 volume collection, comfortable building and service-oriented staff offers students and other users an excellent setting for study and research.
  3. Law School
    The Law School is a graduate school of the state-supported College of William & Mary, offering a three-year J.D. degree program of full-time study, a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in the American Legal System, and the joint degrees of Law and Master of Business Administration, Law and Master of Public Policy, and Law and Master of Arts in American Studies.
  4. Learning Resource Center
    The School of Education maintains the LRC to support its instructional programs. Among the various types of materials that may be checked out from the LRC are K-12 textbooks and supplemental curriculum materials, psychoeducational test instruments, and audio-visual equipment. Course reserve readings are available for use in the LRC.
  5. The Lemon Project
    Two William & Mary faculty members will lead the multiyear effort to better understand the role of race in the College's history, including its connections to slavery.
  6. Librarians Assembly
    The Librarians Assembly promotes the interests and participation of its members in the affairs of libraries, the university and the profession at large.
  7. Libraries
    William & Mary's library system includes Swem Library and libraries in each of the graduate and professional schools.
  8. Licensing
    The W&M Licensing Office operates to promote and protect the marks of the College, while generating revenue from the sale of products bearing the William & Mary name and marks.
  9. Linguistics
    Linguistics is the study of language both as a faculty of mind and as a social institution. Although linguistics is itself a discipline, the concentration at W&M is administered through the Charles Center as an interdisciplinary program. The minor in linguistics is offered through the Department of English. A concentration in linguistics provides the student with comprehensive exposure to a range of topics concerning the structure, history, acquisition, and cultural use of language.
  10. LION - William and Mary Library Catalogs
    William and Mary's library system includes Swem Library and libraries in each of the graduate and professional schools.
  11. Literacy For Life
    Literacy For Life, at The Rita Welsh Adult Learning Center, is specifically designed to serve adults of the Greater Williamsburg Area.