William and Mary

Master of Science Degree in Chemistry

Clint Schiavone, MS 2013This degree focuses on the traditional research areas of Organic, Physical, Polymer, Inorganic, Analytical, and Biochemistry. The program is designed for students who desire additional academic experience before pursuing an industrial career, professional degree, or Ph.D. degree.

With an emphasis on both coursework and research, the Master of Science degree culminates in a research-based Thesis and comprehensive oral examination. At least 12 of the required 24 credits must be completed in advanced 600-level courses (with a minimum of 6 credits in chemistry, not including Chem 665 Graduate Seminar or Chem 700 Thesis). Students have the flexibility of taking courses in other departments, for example, in Biology, Physics, or Applied Science.  Fifteen credits must be comprised of regular lecture courses. The thesis and oral examination committee consists of three faculty members, at least two of which must be from the Chemistry Department.

Courses are described in the Graduate Catalog.

This program can usually be completed in two years, including summers.

Alternatively, the Master of Science degree in Chemistry is offered through a combined program with the Department of Applied Science that also leads to a Ph.D. in Applied Science. A Thesis is not required for the M.S. portion of the combined degree program.