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Report of the Working Group on Retirement Incentives

Amended Faculty Assembly Constitution (approved April 22, 2014)

Amended Faculty Assembly Bylaws (approved April 22, 2014)
2009-2010 Faculty Compensation Board Report to Faculty Assembly
March 2010

To the William and Mary Community:

The Faculty Assembly of the College of William and Mary strongly endorses the March 9 statement by
President Taylor Reveley concerning the College's nondiscrimination policies. We are deeply troubled
by the Attorney General's recent attempt to change these policies, particularly those banning discrimination
based on sexual orientation. Non-discrimination policies flow from the fundamental principle of merit-
based judgment that informs every aspect of the work of the Faculty. This principle governs how we teach,
how we appoint and promote, how we conduct our research and scholarship, and how we evaluate each other's
contributions to the College and the wider community. We are irrevocably committed to the ideal that these
judgments must always be based upon the merits of the case, and that they must reflect our integrity as a
community of teachers and scholars. We applaud Governor McDonnell's recent Executive Directive which
we understand as committing his administration to safeguarding similar merit-based principles in the

The lack of a clear -- and fully articulated -- commitment to non-discrimination would erode our ability to
attract the very best faculty, staff and students. Without such a commitment to a merit-based ethos, where
individuals are evaluated on their work and accomplishments but no other personal characteristics, the
College has no plausible claim to being a leader among American institutions of higher education.

The Faculty Assembly
March 17, 2010

January 2009

Faculty Compensation Board Report to Faculty Assembly

December 2008

Strategic Planning Faculty Survey Report 2008
An Initiative of the W&M Faculty Assembly
One response to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee

March 30, 2008

The Faculty Assembly of the College of William and Mary in Virginia expresses its gratitude to Gene Nichol for his leadership and vision. President Nichol's engagement of the broad College community (e.g., recognizing the contributions of the schools, being attentive to staff concerns, and participating in the intellectual and cultural life of the university) has been a great, invigorating, and strengthening force. We express our hope and expectation that such engagement will continue. The Faculty Assembly strongly endorses the Board's expressed support for diversity and inclusiveness. However, the Faculty Assembly is dismayed at the perception that the College is susceptible to ideological and political pressure. We call on the Board, the College administration, and other members of the College community to take further action that will dissipate that perception. The Faculty Assembly looks forward to significant representation of the faculty of the College in the search for the next President and in the development of evaluation procedures for the next President.

May 2007

This is a proposed resolution:

Resolved, that the Faculty Assembly requests the Provost to facilitate a history of slavery and race relations at William and Mary.
A First Look at the Worst: Slavery and Race Relations at the College of William and Mary [background paper by Terry Meyers, May 2007- updated April 2008] *

December 2007

2007 Faculty Survey Report *

April 2007

Annual Report - Faculty University Priorities Committee (final) *

FUP report appendix: Faculty Peer Group Ranking
FUP report appendix: Faculty Salary Comparisons
FUP report appendix: VA Faculty Salary Ranking to Peers

October/November 2006

Faculty Clearance Policy and Procedure

Approved by Faculty Assembly (& Provost) *