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Global Education Office

Photo courtesy of Megan Woodward '15
William & Mary has the highest percentage of undergraduates who participate in study abroad programs compared to any other public university in the United States.

Going global isn't just something we talk about at William & Mary; it's something we live every day by making it possible for students to see the world through study abroad.

Whether tracing the rise of Peter the Great in Russia's "Crown Jewel," St. Petersburg, witnessing globalization in action in Goa, India, or mastering Mandarin in Beijing, China, students' studies come alive when the world is their classroom.

Study abroad enhances on-campus coursework, improves language skills, develops new intellectual interests, challenges assumptions about one's own and foreign cultures, and builds cross-cultural skills of value to future employers.

With our 30+ W&M-sponsored programs in 23 countries, and hundreds of additional programs from which students can choose, the opportunities for education abroad are nearly endless. Search for a program in our study abroad portal today!