Studying in other Non-Immigrant Statuses

If you are in the United States as the spouse or child of someone in the following non-immigrant visa categories, you do not need to apply to change your status if you wish to attend school in the United States (as long as your parent or spouse maintains his/her original nonimmigrant status).

  • A - Diplomatic and other government officials, and their families and employees
  • E - International Trade and Investors
  • G - Representatives to international organizations and their families and employees
  • H - Temporary Workers
  • I - Representatives of foreign media and their families
  • J - Exchange Visitors and their families
  • L - Intra-company Transferees
  • P - Performers

If you are in the United States in any of the following statuses, you may not study in your current status:

  • B - Visitor*
  • C - Transit**
  • D - Crewman**
  • F-2 - Dependent of F-1*
  • M-2 - Dependent of M-1*
  • WB/WT - Visitor Visa Waiver**

* Must have been approved for a change of status to a status that allows study (e.g. F-1, J-1) before start of study.

** Statutorily ineligible to change status in the U.S. Must depart U.S. and apply for a new visa.