William and Mary


Michael Tierney

Michael J. Tierney is the Director of the Institute for the Theory & Practice of International Relations. He also is Director of International Relations and the Hylton Associate Professor of Government at the College of William & Mary.

Alex Atkins

Atkins, AlexIT OfficerOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Email: [[abatkins]]

Bell, NicholasTRIP Project ManagerEmail:
Phone: 814-460-7454
Office: 427 Scotland Street 1st Floor

Blanke, SarahCommunications and Development AssistantEmail:

Mark Buntaine

Buntaine, MarkAssistant Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa BarbaraEmail:
Website: {{}}

Priscilla Caldwell

Caldwell, PriscillaCommunications & Development ManagerOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Email: [[pbcaldwell]]
Mobile Phone: 757-870-6222

Costa, JoeResearch AssistantEmail:

Samantha Custer

Custer, SamanthaDirector of Communications and Policy OutreachOffice: 427 Scotland Street

Simone Dietrich

Dietrich, SimoneResearcherEmail:
Website: {{}}


Dolan, CarrieResearcherEmail:
Curriculum Vitae: {{}}

Dunbar, SuzannahSpecial Assistant to AidData's Executive DirectorEmail:

Floyd, KathrynPIPS Faculty Associate & Managing Director, E-internship ProgramOffice: Morton Hall 5G
Phone: 757-221-2041

Sarah Glaser

Glaser, SarahResearcherOffice: Fisheries Science Lab 139
Phone: 804-684-7317
Email: [[v|sglaser]]
Webpage: {{}}

Hendrix, CullenAssistant Professor at the Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver and Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International EconomicsEmail:
Phone: (619) 302-1337
Webpage: {{}}

Rob Hicks

Hicks, RobResearcherOffice: Morton Hall 129
Email: [[Rob.Hicks]]
Phone: 757-221-3707
Website: {{}}

Scott Ickes

Ickes, ScottResearcherOffice: Adair Hall 114
Phone: 221-1902
Email: [[sbickes]]

Ania Baltes

Leska, Aneta (Ania)Program Administrative ManagerOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Phone: 757-221-1441
Email: [[albaltes]]

Millones, MarcoResearcherOffice: Center for Geospartial Analysis
Phone: 757-221-2304
Email: [[mmmillones]]

O'Donnell, BrianProject Manager, AidDataOffice: 427 Scotland Street

Oakes, AmyDirector, The Project on International Peace and SecurityOffice: Morton Hall 25
Phone: 757-221-3025
Email: [[acoake]]
Website: {{}}

Brad Parks

Parks, BradResearch FacultyOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Email: [[bcpark]]
CV: {{ Parks CV.pdf}}

Sue Peterson

Peterson, SuePrincipal Investigator, TRIPOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Phone: 757-221-3036
Email: [[smpete]]
Website: {{}}

Ryan Powers

Powers, RyanPrincipal Investigator, TRIPEmail:
Website: {{}}

Reese, IanGIS Analyst, AidData Email: [[w|icreece]]
Website: {{}}

Rice, ZachSurvey Methodologist, Reform IncentivesOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Email: [[zjrice]]

Timmons Roberts

Roberts, J. TimmonsResearcherEmail:
Webpage: {{}}

Roessler, PhilipResearcherOffice: Morton Hall 23
Phone: 757-221-3045
Email: [[proessler]]
Website: {{}}

Dan Runfola

Runfola, DanGeospatial ScientistEmail:
Office: 427 Scotland Street

Schmidt, HolgerResearcherEmail:
Webpage: {{}}

Darin Self

Self, DarinTRIP Project ManagerEmail::
Phone:: 757-221-1466
Location:: 427 Scotland Street 1st Floor

Smith, DennisDirector, The Project on International Peace and SecurityOffice: Morton Hall 21
Phone: 757-221-5086
Email: [[dasmi2]]

Stern, AlenaAidData Project ManagerOffice: 427 Scotland Street

Mike Tierney

Tierney, MichaelDirector, Institute for the Theory and Practice of International RelationsOffice: 427 Scotland Street
Email: [[mjtier]]
Phone: 757-221-3039
Website: {{}}

Trichler, DavidDirector of Operations at AidDataOffice : 427 Scotland Street

Trichler, RachelSenior Program Manager/Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at AidData-W&MOffice: 427 Scotland Street

Maurits Vanderveen

van der Veen, MauritsResearcherOffice: Morton Hall 31
Email: [[amvanderveen]]
Phone: 757-221-3029
Website: {{}}

Dylan Vorbach

Vorbach, DylanCommunications InternOffice: 427 Scotland Street