Schroeder Center News

Leigh Kades Speaks About National Organ Donation and Transplantation Policies

Leigh Kades spoke to faculty and students about creating effective and safe national organ donation, allocation, and transplantation policies. Ms. Kades is Policy Editor for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and Liaison for the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network/UNOS Policy Oversight Committee.

Summer Health Policy Research Opportunity

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy is pleased to announce a new summer research fellowship program in conjunction with the Brock Institute for Community and Global Health at the Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS).

Medicaid Expansion Update: Virginia General Assembly

During a September 2014 special legislative session, the Virginia General Assembly opposed expanding Medicaid to the state’s uninsured on a procedural vote of 64 to 33 in the House. This vote was the culmination of many legislative and gubernatorial efforts on this issue in the last two years.

Eastern Virginia Medical School
W&M/EVMS Retreat Features W&M Faculty and Schroeder Center Affiliates

The second faculty retreat for researchers and educators from the College of William & Mary and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) took place on Friday, October 11 at the EVMS campus in Norfolk. The event provided another opportunity for faculty from both institutions to interact with each other and with representatives from Sentara Healthcare and to discuss potential research and educational collaborations.

Schroeder Center Welcomes Bethany Welstead

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy is pleased to announce the hiring of a new health policy analyst, Bethany Welstead. Welstead earned her Master’s of Public Health (M.P.H.) in epidemiology from Emory University in May 2013, after receiving her B.S. in health sciences and B.A. in economics from Furman University.

Proposals sought for EVMS/W&M collaborative research

Faculty and staff from William & Mary joined their counterparts from Eastern Virginia Medical School Tuesday to discuss what might be the most fruitful areas for collaborative research.

Ryan Buckland
Schroeder Center Recognizes Students for Studies in Health Policy

The Schroeder Center is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural Health Policy Awards for Student Scholarship program. Based on their exceptional memos, this year’s student Health Policy Award winners are Ryan Buckland, Irina Calos, Amber Will, and Jordan Bowman.

small grants 2013
Schroeder Center Awards Grants to Faculty

This spring, the Schroeder Center awarded its first set of Small Grants Program awards to four faculty members for research in health policy. The new program will increase support for faculty-led health policy research projects at William & Mary, an important objective of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy.

Schroeder Center Reviews Health Data for the Historic Triangle

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy is pleased to share a recent report prepared by Jennifer M. Mellor, Elizabeth Vestal, and Carrie Dolan, entitled, “Health Outcomes and Health Determinants in the Historic Triangle,” that presents information on the current health of the Historic Triangle.

New Study on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cardiac Care

Daifeng He, a Schroeder Center faculty affiliate, Jennifer Mellor, Director of the Schroeder Center for Health Policy, and Eytan Jankowitz, a William & Mary graduate (Class of ’11), have a new study on cardiac care disparities, entitled, “Racial and Ethnic Disparities in the Surgical Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction: The Role of Hospital and Physician Effects,” forthcoming in a 2013 issue of Medical Care Research and Review.

CMS Administrator Visits W&M

Marilyn Tavenner, Acting Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Virginia’s former Secretary of Health and Human Resources, addressed a large group of faculty, students, and interested guests at the College of William & Mary on September 24, 2012.

Schroeder Center Convenes Community Health Data Workshop

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy convened a Community Health Data Workshop for local health and human services providers on Friday, October 26, 2012 at the Williamsburg Community Health Foundation.

Melissa McInerney
McInerney and Mellor Examine Recessions and Seniors’ Health

A new study forthcoming in the Journal of Health Economics by economists and Schroeder Center faculty affiliates Melissa McInerney and Jennifer Mellor provides a comprehensive look at the effects of recessions on seniors’ health.

Student Summer Research at the Schroeder Center

During summer 2012, Joel White, a rising senior at William & Mary majoring in Public Policy and Theatre worked with the Schroeder Center on a community health project. Staff member, Elizabeth Vestal sat down with Joel to ask him about his experience working with the Schroeder Center.

New Study Looks at Medicare Payment Changes

In a new study, “Hospital Responses to Medicare’s Outpatient Prospective Payment System: Evidence from Florida,” forthcoming in the Journal of Health Economics, vol. 31, issue 4 (September 2012), Daifeng He and Jennifer M. Mellor examine the effect of Medicare’s Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS) on hospital outpatient volume.

giant burger
Elizabeth Vestal Comments on Obesity Epidemic

Elizabeth Vestal, policy analyst at the Schroeder Center for Health Policy, spoke with Daniel B. Wood of the Christian Science Monitor about what government can do to address obesity and whether government efforts have been successful in curbing the epidemic growth in obesity rates. Mr. Wood included comments from his conversation with Elizabeth in his story: “Supersize America: Whose Job to Fight Obesity?”

Melissa McInerney Receives Prestigious Grant

The Schroeder Center is pleased to announce that Assistant Professor of Economics and Schroeder Center faculty affiliate, Melissa McInerney, Ph.D., is one of five 2012 Sandell Grant Program Recipients.

New Funding from the Russell Sage Foundation

The Schroeder Center is pleased to announce a recent grant from the Russell Sage Foundation awarded to Melissa McInerney (W&M), Jennifer Mellor (W&M) and Lauren Hersch Nicholas (University of Michigan). The grant will be used to study health effects stemming from recession.

Let's Move!

“Our students come here looking for opportunities to discover new things and to work closely with faculty and share ideas. The SHIP project helps give them that,” says Professor Mellor.

Fast Food Proximity Weighs on Obesity (The Virginia Gazette)

How near children live to fast-food restaurants may contribute to their becoming obese. That’s one finding in a new study by the Schroeder Center for Health Policy at the College of William & Mary. The project is featured in an upcoming issue of the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity.

William & Mary to host forum on healthcare reform

The Schroeder Center for Health Policy and the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy will host a forum on healthcare reform and how it may impact Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Schroeder Center symposium discusses Virginia healthcare reform

In today's economic environment, electronic health records (EHR's) offer the biggest opportunities and the biggest risks in healthcare reform, Michael Tripathi told participants at the Schroeder Center for Healthcare Policy's 2008 Healthcare Symposium at the College of William and Mary.

Health Policy Takes Center Stage

Beyond the general policy coursework of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy, Master's candidates often pursue a particular policy field of interest. A significant number of students within the program have chosen to study health policy and a select few have been honored as Schroeder Healthcare Policy Fellows (Cory Kaufman, Geoffrey Peck, David Sitcovsky, Massey Whorley, and Stefanie Whorton).

Healthcare gap is widening - Harder for poor people to find a doctor

A new report reveals that when it comes to access to health care, the rich stay well and the poor get sicker. The Schroeder Center for Healthcare Policy at the College of William & Mary released grim results from a survey on access to physician care in greater Williamsburg.

Lou Rossiter
Study shows need for additional veterans care facilities in Virginia

According to a study conducted by the SchroederCenter for Healthcare Policy at the College of William & Mary, Virginia will need up to three new care centers to meet the projected long-term care needs of Virginia veterans.