William & Mary

Visiting Scientists


Benner, D. Chris
Visiting Faculty
Email: [[dcbenn]]
Office:: Small Hall 323B
Phone Number:: 757-221-3531
Webpage: {{http://physics.wm.edu/~benner/benner.html}}

Harshman, Dale R.
Visiting Professor
Education and Research: Ph.D. in Physics – Condensed Matter Physics (Experiment/Theory), Superconductivity, with a focus on the high-Tc pairing mechanism, and muon physics.
Email: dharshman@wm.edu; drh@physikon.net
Phone: 360-354-8521
Webpage: {{http://physikon.net/}}

Lehman, Donald
Visiting Scientist
Education and Research: Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics -- Few-body Physics and the Foundations of Quantum Theory
Office: Small Hall 335A
Email: lehman@gwu.edu
Phone: 757-221-5493

Sen , Sudip
Visiting Professor- FAPS
Education and Research: Ph.D. 1993 Culham Laboratory, Oxford UK/Plasma (Fusion, Space and Technological), Energy, NanoTechnology, Modeling and Simulation
Office: Small Hall 323A
Email: [[ssen01]]
Phone: 757-221-5480