William & Mary

Research Faculty, Adjuncts & Research Scientists

Bensel, John
Research Engineer
Office: Small Hall 39A
Email: bensel@physics.wm.edu
Phone: 757-221-3507

Bosted, Peter
Adjunct Professor
Email: bosted@jlab.org
Office:: C106 (at Jefferson Lab)
Phone Number:: 808-315-1297


Carlini, Roger D.
CEBAF Professor
Telephone: (757)269-7123
Office: CEBAF Center C114
email: carlini@jlab.org

Danehy, Paul M.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Phone: 757-864-4737
Email: paul.m.danehy@nasa.gov
Web Page: {{http://asomb.larc.nasa.gov/directory/danehy_paul.htm}}


Devi, Malathy
Research Associate Professor
Email: malathy.d.venkataraman@nasa.gov
Webpage: {{http://physics.wm.edu/~armd/devi.html}}
Office: Small Hall 335D; NASA Bldg 1205 Room 142
Phone Number: 757-864-5521

Kuschner, Karl
Research Scientist
Education and Research Field: Ph.D., William and Mary, 2009 / Atomic, and Molecular Experimental
Office: Small 223C
Telephone: 757-221-1990
Email: [[kwkusc]]

Melnitchouk, Wally
Adjunct Professor of Physics
Office: 12000 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 1 JLAB
Email: wmelnitc@jlab.org
Phone: (757) 269 5854

Walker-Loud, AndrĂ©
Adjunct Professor
Email: awalker-loud@lbl.gov
Webpage: {{http://ntc0.lbl.gov/~walkloud//}}

Walter, Eric
Senior Research Scientist
Office:: Small Hall 137
Phone:: 757-221-1886
Email:: [[ejwalt]]
Webpage:: {{http://www.cpd.wm.edu/}}