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Chris Carone

Professor and Chair of Physics

Office: Small Hall 123A & 330B
Email: [[cdcaro]]
Office Phone: 757-221-2451
Webpage: {{}}

Research Interests

Elementary Particle Theory. For details, see


S.B. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989; A.M. Harvard University 1991; PhD Harvard University 1994

Refereed Papers Published

   C. D. Carone, J. Erlich, R. Ramos and M. Sher,
   “A Permutation on Hybrid Natural Inflation,”
   Phys. Rev. D 90, 063521 (2014).

   C. D. Carone, R. Ramos and M. Sher,
   “LHC Constraints on the Lee-Wick Higgs Sector,”
   Phys. Lett. B 732, 122 (2014).  

   C. D. Carone,
   “Acausality from a Dark Sector,”
   Phys. Lett. B 730, 1 (2014).