Majoring in Neuroscience

Students majoring in Neuroscience usually declare the major before the beginning of preregistration for the first semester of their junior year by contacting a NSCI advisor of their choice or Dr. Porter  (NSCI Coordinator, Psychology).

Neuroscience Majors follow the requirements set out in the Undergraduate Catalog for the year in which they declared the major. 

  • If you declared your major before August, 2011,  please check the Past Requirements.
  • If you declared your major Sept., 2012 - May, 2013, you had the choice of requirements designated for 2009-2011, or the curriculum found in the 2012-2013 catalog (pdf )
  • If you declared your major June, 2013 - August, 2014, you are subject to the curriculum in the 2013-2014 catalog (pdf)