Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology's graduate programs offer both general coverage of the discipline as a whole and more specifically focused preparation for students intending to work in the fields of Historical Archaeology and Historical Anthropology. The graduate program prepares students for careers as university professors, historical archaeologists, and professionals in museums, historical societies, government, and the private sector.  Our students have an excellent record of external support in the form of grants and fellowships, as well as active participation in conferences and other professional engagements.

Students holding an undergraduate degree have the option of applying for admission to either the terminal M.A. program in Historical Archaeology or the sequential M.A./Ph.D. program in Historical Archaeology or Historical Anthropology. Those students with an M.A. degree in Anthropology "in hand" may apply for admission directly into the Ph.D. program.

Students take courses in cultural theory, area studies, historiography, and methodology, with special emphasis on comparative colonialism, the African diaspora, Native America, and the archaeology of Colonial America and the Caribbean. Practical training in field, laboratory, and museum conservation methods is available in various courses, including summer field schools. The Williamsburg area has unparalleled historical, archaeological and museum resources, as well as opportunities to participate in a wide variety of ongoing research projects.