William and Mary

Attend a Class

The class visitation program is designed to supplement our campus tours and information sessions. By observing classes, students can gain an academic insight on William & Mary, and ascertain the type of teaching environment to be found here. A large number of faculty members have volunteered their classes for this program, and will allow the Office of Admission to send students with little or no advance notice. However, many of the professors that teach the smaller seminar classes that are the norm at William & Mary are hesitant to give us that permission ahead of time thus the sizes of some of the classes in this program are not typical of class size at William & Mary in general.   

Key Facts:
  • 99% of W&M’s classes are taught by professors.
  • 86% of classes have fewer than 40 students and only 3% have more than 100 students.
  • William & Mary has the lowest student-to-faculty ratio among all public universities in the nation at 12:1.
  • A U.S. News and World Report study rated William & Mary as the foremost public university in commitment to undergraduate teaching.
To observe a class:
  • During the fall and spring sememster you can visit the front desk of the Admission Office and select from a small list of classes open to visitors on a first come first serve basis. There are no pre-approved classes offered during the summer academic sessions.
  • If you are interested in visiting a particular department or if you would like to schedule your class visit ahead of time please decide on the department that you would like to visit and contact that department directly. 
  • Refer to our admission website for driving/parking directions. You can also obtain a campus map in the Office of Admission when you arrive on campus.
  • Please arrive to the class a few minutes early and, if possible, introduce yourself to the professor as a prospective student.
  • Please be sure to thank the professor at the end of the class.
  • Please try to schedule a visit at a time when you can stay for the entire class to avoid potentially disrupting class by leaving early.
  • Please remember to turn off cell phones or set them to silent.

Please note that seating may be limited in certain classes. Occasionally, professors may ask visitors to relinquish their seats to students registered for the course.

For any further questions you may email [[reavison, Assistant Dean Rebecca Avison]] or contact her by phone at (757) 221-3979.

Thank you for your interest in the College of William & Mary. Enjoy your visit!