William and Mary


Reaching out and changing lives.

William & Mary students volunteer for more than 300,000 hours each year in the greater Williamsburg area. Calculated at minimum wage, that adds up to about $1.6 million. But the real value of their work is immeasurable, both for the Williamsburg community and the students themselves. In community engagement at W&M, students and community partners develop mutually-beneficial, community-driven projects. Whether they are one-time events or regular partnerships, students learn about the social issue they address in service so they have a background of understanding before beginning to serve.

The Office of Community Engagement connects the College and community to support students’ development as active and educated citizens and to promote positive, community-driven social change. The office’s vision is that students will prioritize working within and understanding community in a lifelong pursuit of social justice.  

They have active partnerships with over 90 local non-profit agencies and schools, and more than a dozen community organizations across the country and around the world. Here are just some examples of what our students are involved in:   

  • 300 W&M students contribute a cumulative 15,000 hours per year volunteering as tutors and mentors in local schools and low-income neighborhoods
  • students with Williamsburg Engagement (WE) contributed 470 hours of service in regular trips with local community partners
  • $34,000 in grant funding was provided to students completing community engagement projects during breaks and throughout the year
  • every year 30 groups of about 12 students participate in alternative breaks around the world through Branch Out alternative breaks
  • over 550 students participate in large scale service days, partnering with local community groups like Avalon and the Habitat ReStore 
  • The Campus Kitchen at W&M cooks and delivers nutritious meals to 175 local residents every week, utilizing 500 pounds of donated food from local grocery stores, restaurants and the Farmers Market

Find out how you can get involved at the Office of Community Engagement.