Economic Development

We're not just a college, we're an economic engine.

As a public university, William & Mary is proud to be an important partner in the economic success of the great state of Virginia. Our students and faculty don’t work and learn in a bubble. Their intellectual, professional and social lives are enriched by meaningful interaction with the greater Williamsburg community and the wider Hampton Roads region.

Here's the best part: when W&M succeeds, so does Virginia. According to a 2006 economic impact report, William & Mary contributes more than half a billion dollars and over 7,000 jobs to Virginia each year. And that only measures direct economic impact on payroll, construction, student and visitor spending, to name a few specific areas.

The indirect impact of W&M on the local community and state economy is even more valuable. Consider the William & Mary Technology & Business Center, which searches out partnerships with regional businesses to capitalize on faculty expertise in fields like business transformation, computer modeling and simulation, biomedicine, sensors, applied science, public policy, the social sciences, law, education and marine science.

And let's not forget William & Mary's greatest asset: our incredible students. Learn more about the crucial role that W&M service plays in the success of Williamsburg's most deserving citizens.