Graduate Assistantships

The Division of Student Affairs along with several other administrative offices on campus hire a number of graduate students each year to serve as Graduate Assistants (GAs). Below is a list of offices which are funded to support Graduate Assistants (only some of these positions represent openings in a given academic year). Select each link for a detailed description of the positions, benefits, selection criteria, etc.  We encourage you to contact the supervisors for positions that interest you in order to learn more.

In addition to traditional 20-hour graduate assistantships, Residence Life offers several positions for graduate students: Complex Director, Hall Director, Graduate Resident Assistant and Head Resident. These positions are not assistantships. Please visit the Residence Life employment page for more information. Please note: Students may not hold both a Residence Life position and an assistantship without approval from Residence Life, the School of Education and Human Resources.

All offices with GA vacancies for 2017-18 will interview higher education program candidates who are invited to "A Day at William & Mary: Join the Tribe!" on February 26-27, 2017.  We hope prospective higher education candidates will make plans to come and talk with us about the opportunities available for the coming year!

Anticipated Graduate Assistantship Openings
Position Descriptions
Funding Level
In the Student Affairs Division:
Campus Recreation - Facilities and Aquatics (PDF) No
Campus Recreation - Fitness and Wellness (PDF) No
Campus Recreation - Intramurals (PDF) No
Campus Recreation - Outdoor Recreation (PDF) Yes Masters
Campus Recreation - Sport Clubs (PDF) No
Career Center - Business Careers (PDF) Yes Masters
Career Center - Education Careers (PDF) No
Career Center - Government & Non-Profit Careers (PDF) No
Center for Student Diversity (PDF) No
Dean of Students - Academic Enrichment (PDF) No
Dean of Students - CARE Support Service (Masters) (PDF) No
Dean of Students - CARE Support Services (Doctoral) (PDF) No
Dean of Students - Student Accessibility Services (PDF) Yes Masters or Doc
First Year Experience - Orientation (PDF) Yes Masters
Sadler & Campus Centers (PDF) No
Student Leadership Development - Fraternity & Sorority Life (PDF) Yes Masters
Student Leadership Development - Leadership Programs (PDF) Yes Masters or Doc
Student Leadership Development - Programming (PDF) Yes Masters
Student Leadership Development - Student Assembly (PDF) Yes Masters


Outside the Student Affairs Division:

Academic Support for Athletics (PDF) No
Alumni Association - GA for Alumni Engagement Yes Masters
Christopher Newport University - Student Engagement Yes Masters
Christopher Newport University - Student Activities Yes Masters
Reves Center for International Studies - Int'l Students & Scholars Program (PDF) Yes Masters
Reves Center for International Studies - Global Education Office (PDF) Yes Masters

University Advancement - Student Philanthropy Programs

Yes Masters

Questions about School of Education assistantships for graduate students enrolled in the School of Education should be directed to [[w|dsosbo, Dorothy Osborne]], Assistant Dean for Admission in the School of Education. Please direct your specific questions about all other higher education administration assistants to:

[[w|gmhend, Greg Henderson]]
Chief of Staff, Division of Student Affairs
The College of William and Mary
P.O. Box 8795
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
757-221-1236 (phone)
757-221-1240 (fax)