Student Affairs Committees

Standing Committees & Task Forces

Assessment Committee

The Student Affairs Assessment Committee helps to oversee and coordinate assessment activities within departments and committees, and across the division.  Members serve as consultants for division staff members on assessment planning; coordinate and/or conduct assessments of importance to the Division of Student Affairs and the campus as a whole; and assist in interpreting and sharing results/data with staff and other campus constituents, as appropriate.

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Bystander Intervention Task Force

The Bystander Intervention Task Force is intended to coordinate and integrate initiatives on campus that have a bystander intervention component.  Our goal is to honor the advanced training necessary for critical campus themes that benefit from bystander intervention (e.g., hazing, threat assessment, gender-based violence, suicide prevention, mental health concerns, etc.) while developing a unified and integrated message of how to help.  This year, we intend to review the current national products/solutions that are evidence-informed, discern their relevance for our community, and consider how to customize them for our campus culture. 

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Care Team (by appointment only)

The Care Team is an interdepartmental committee coordinated by the Dean of Students Office.  Its charge is to assess situations and develop comprehensive, interdepartmental response plans for students of concern.  The committee develops a coordinated plan of action to manage the situation and/or student, promote community safety, respect individual rights, and preserve the campus environment.  The committee works cooperatively with the Campus Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT) and other departments, as appropriate.

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Development, Fundraising, & Grant Writing Committee

This committee is designed to provide education and support for anyone interested in learning more about development, fundraising, and grant writing.

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Diversity Committee

The Student Affairs Diversity Committee identifies and recommends strategies and programs to address issues of diversity in the William and Mary community, including especially issues of race and ethnicity. Specifically, the committee will:

  • Organize at least one program per year for division professional staff relevant to diverse populations.
  • Oversee the creation and implementation process of departmental diversity plans to be turned in to the Vice President for Student Affairs.
  • Share knowledge of current trends and issues related to diversity among committee members and division staff.

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First-Year Experience

This committee will review the programs, services, and resources in place to serve freshmen and first-year transfer students.  It will also recommend changes to improve the quality of the W&M experience for new students.

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Graduate Student Experience Committee

Student Affairs is committed to evaluate and enhance the overall educational experience for graduate students. Toward that end, the Graduate Student Experience Committee is charged to:

  • Develop a broad understanding of the graduate student experience at William & Mary through focus groups and assessment.
  • Assess the status of current graduate assistantship opportunities in Student Affairs
  • Consider ways to improve and enhance the skills, expectations, and/or professional experiences which should be incorporated in all student affairs assistantships
  • Make recommendations about and plan for division-wide orientation, training, evaluation, and professional development of graduate assistants
  • Make recommendations about how best to partner with the School of Education in the recruitment and placement of graduate students in student affairs assistantships.

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Hazing Prevention Coalition

The Hazing Prevention Coalition will work to empower the W&M community to prevent hazing. It will work to help the community recognize hazing, understand its implications, develop intolerance for hazing activities, and act/report when hazing occurs. In addition, the Coalition will work to provide resources to support safer, healthier means of member acclimation and integration.  This committee requires a time commitment of approximately 2-4 hours every two weeks.

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Health & Wellness Committee

The Health & Wellness Committee provides the opportunity for Student Affairs staff to engage and inform matters relevant to the wellbeing of our campus community.  The committee will integrate the responsibilities of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Committee, the Mental Health & Wellness Committee and expand to include other compelling issues of wellness that may emerge each year.  While the scope is broad, many wellness themes addressed in specific committees frequently overlap.  Accordingly, this committee seeks to provide space to explore wellness at both micro- and macro-levels relevant to our community.  Our primary focus will be to honor the high priority goals carried forward from the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Committee and clarify additional goals from other wellness areas. 

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Medical Review Committee (by appointment only)

The Medical Review Committee is a subcommittee of the Committee on Academic Status.  The MRC, which includes medical and mental health providers, reviews petitions by students who, for medical reasons, seek accommodation or exemption from College policies related to enrollment status, housing and meal plan contracts, and/or disability.   The Committee also advises the Dean of Students on the Medical/Emotional Emergency Policy (MEEP).

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Parent & Family Programs

The Parent & Family Programs Committee will identify strategies to effectively plan programs for and communicate with William & Mary families. The committee will review best practices in Parent and Family programs at other institutions, consult related CAS standards, and make recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs on the various elements we should consider as we strive to build a more robust Parent and Family program at William & Mary.  Current parent and family programs include major events such as Orientation and Family Weekend; the committee will explore ways to enhance these events in addition to identifying potential new opportunities for parent and family engagement.  The committee will advise the Vice President for Student Affairs on effective strategies for communicating with families for purposes of both general information sharing and emergencies. 

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Staff Training, Development, & Recognition Committee

The Staff Training, Development & Recognition Committee will promote best practices to train, develop, and recognize staff at all levels of the Division of Student Affairs, including professional staff, support staff, graduate assistants, interns, and student staff. The committee has five main functions:

  • Staff incentive program: the committee will compile a list annually of professional development opportunities sponsored, supported, and/or attended by the division, its departments, and its members and manage such opportunities through a staff incentive program. 
  • Student employment: share best practices for hiring, training, and evaluating student staff
  • Social event planning: the Committee strives to promote collegiality through activities such as division-wide social functions, welcoming events, and informal networking opportunities.
  • Recognition programs: the committee selects the monthly Golden Griffin recipients as well as the bi-annual Freeman Award recipients.
  • Grants: the Committee administers special grants for professional development and growth.

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