Staff & Advisory Council

The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies is constituted of faculty members of the College of William & Mary dedicated to the study of pilgrimage.

Allar , Matthew
Advisory member; Class of 1955 Associate Professor of Theatre
Office Hours: On professional research leave for Fall 2017.
Office: PBK Hall 131
Email: [[mjallar]]
Phone: 757-221-2694


Angelov, Alexander
Advisory member; Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Email: [[aangelov]]
Interests: Medieval Christianity; Eastern Orthodoxy; Byzantine and Balkan history; Conversion; Inter-religious relations; Atheism and Secularization; Cultural Anthropology; Theories of Religion
Office: Wren 309

Boone, Ben
Advisory member; Doctoral Student - School of Education; Associate Director, Center for the Liberal Arts

George Greenia

Greenia, George
Founder, Institute for Pilgrimage Studies; Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies
Mailing Address: 634 Counselors Way, Williamsburg, VA 23185-4059 USA
E-mail: [[gxgree]]

Harris, M. Brennan
Communications Director, Institute for Pilgrimage Studies; Assoc. Prof. of Kinesiology & Hlth Sci.
Office: Adair Hall 110
Phone: 757-221-2757
Email: [[mbharr]]
Webpage: {{ }}

Jenkins, Kathleen
Co-Director Institute for Pilgrimage Studies; Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology
Office: Morton Hall 230
Email: [[kejenk]]
Phone: 757-221-2605
Research Areas: Religion and Family, Therapeutic Culture, Sociology of Pilgrimage, New Religious Movements

McLaughlin, Mark
Advisory member; Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Office: Wren 313
Email: [[mjmclaughlin]]

Spaeth, Barbette
Co-Director, Institute for Pilgrimage Studies; Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Office: Morton Hall 331
Phone: 757 221 2160
Email: [[bsspae]]