William and Mary

Neurodiversity in the News

Four projects receive Creative Adaptation funding

Four projects designed to improve the quality, scope and/or efficiency of programs at William & Mary were made possible this semester with support from the provost's Creative Adaptation Fund.

Creating inclusive classrooms for students with autism

Since 2012, the Neurodiversity Working Group has been working to explore and celebrate the neurological differences in the College's population. Last year, a University Teaching Project grew out of the group, with the aim to focus on the classroom experience for students.

New York Times Best-selling Author Visits William & Mary

While visiting the College, Mr. John Elder Robison met with the Neurodiveristy Working Group, had lunch with students interested in neurodiversity issues, spoke with PSYCH 101 students in Professor Connie Pilkington’s class, and ended the day with a standing-room only presentation.