Reporting Hazing

The College encourages all of its members to report possible acts of hazing.  Do not assume that others will report matters.  There are multiple ways to report an issue:

  1. Submit a report to the College's Reporting System.  This report requires you to log in with your WMuserid and password.  Thus, it is not an anonymous reporting system and is not open to non-W&M students, faculty, or staff.
  2. Submit a report using our Anonymous Report Form.  Note that our ability to respond appropriately may be limited if the report is anonymous.  We encourage you to provide us with an email address and/or phone number so we may ask follow-up questions if necessary.  We will respect your desire to remain anonymous, and we will not share your phone or email information with the organization in question.

All reports will be investigated promptly.  The more specific information you can provide, the better we can respond.