Extending Your DS-2019

Per U.S. immigration law, a scholar in J-1 status may request an extension of his/her DS-2019 (and period of authorized stay) provided that all the following conditions apply:

  • s/he will not exceed the time limits for his/her category
  • the academic host/department agrees to the extension
  • s/he has not been recommended for or granted a waiver of the Two year Home Residency Requirement for this J-1 program
  • s/he has not violated the terms of his/her J-1 status
Documents Required for a J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Extension
  • completed DS-2019 extension form (pdf)
  • letter/memo/e-mail from the academic host supporting the extension. The host must also include the extension date and any money the J-1 scholar will receive from W&M
  • updated financial documentation (e.g., bank statement) if not covered in the above letter. Please see the required funding amounts listed on the DS-2019 extension form (pdf)
  • proof of health insurance for J-1 and any J-2s

The DS-2019s of any J-2s will be automatically extended with the extension of the J-1.