Authorized User Services and Tutorials

Step-by-step instructions and videos tutorials.

View and pay on your student's account:
  • Your student must set you up as an authorized user
  • You will receive 2 emails, one with a username and the second with a temporary password and link to the eServices student account site
  • You will be able to view and pay your student's account in a new, easy to read format
  • Follow the link to View and pay your bill as an authorized user
View your student's eStatement
  1. Access eServices via the authorized user link
  2. Select the "eStatement" tab along the top of the screen
  3. Choose the date of the eStatement that you wish to view from the drop down and then click on the green 'Select' button OR click the word 'View'  (in blue letters) under 'Most Recent Billing Statement
  4. A copy of the statement will appear in a new window
  5. If you wish to print the eStatement press Ctrl-P on your keyboard
Authorized User Login

{{youtube:medium|X_sMDkr2lr4,Authorized User Login}}

Making an Electronic Check Payment

{{youtube:medium|kC6OR9EPnqc,Making an Electronic Check Payment}}

Making a Credit Card Payment 

{{youtube:medium|KfnFcmtiUfE,Making a Credit Card Payment}}