Reinstatement and Readmission

Requirements after a First Suspension

To be reinstated to good standing, a student who has been suspended must present convincing evidence that he/she has eliminated or corrected the factors that were responsible for the academic failure.

  • The student must complete at least two courses at another institution, earning grades of "B" or better in each class attempted. These courses cannot be taken as independent study, on-line or at W&M and must be comparable to courses offered at the College. The credits earned while a student is not in good standing at the College will not transfer and do not count toward a William & Mary degree. These courses, however, may help the student strengthen a weak background and will demonstrate to the Committee academic responsibility.
  • Successful employment averaging at least 20 hours per week, during the period of suspension also is required bythe Committee. This work is viewed as an indication of maturity and seriousness of purpose. Many work skills are also skills related to successful academic achievement. Comparable volunteer work with a non-profit agency may be substituted for paid employment.
  • Students also may benefit from professional help if they are dealing with medical, family, financial, deficient academic skills, or other personal matters.
Important Dates

Reinstatement to good standing and readmission are not automatic.

  • A student who has been suspended in May is eligible to apply after October 1st for review for reinstatement. If your intention is to return for spring semester, you will need to complete all the committee expectations and submit your application no later than November 15th. 
  • A student suspended in January is eligible to apply after May 1 for review  for reinstatement. If your intention is to return for fall semester, you will need to complete all the committee expectations and submityour application no later than July 15th. 
Reinstatement Process

To apply for reinstatement to good standing a student should do the following:

1. Petition the Committee on Academic Status in writing, including:

a. A detailed account of his/her activities during the period of suspension from the College.
b. A discussion of the factors that led to the academic failure.
c. A discussion of the manner in which these factors have been overcome, and an explanation of his/her current academic vocational goals.
d. A signature and contact information.

2. Arrange for transcripts of all courses the student has taken (or letters from professors of courses in progress) to be sent to the Dean of Students Office. An official transcript is required before readmission to the College.

3. Have letters of reference from his/her employer/volunteer supervisor sent directly to the Office of the Dean of Students. Letters must be signed and on letterhead. If the recommender does not have letterhead, a business card should be attached. Letters from next of kin cannot be accepted as sufficiently objective documentation for a character recommendation, an employer's letter ofsupport, or the primary medical documentation necessary when requesting reinstatement with medical clearance.

Readmission to the College

After a student receives notification that he/she has been reinstated to good standing and, if he/she wishes to be readmitted to William & Mary, the student should apply directly to the Dean of Students. A student may not apply for readmission until he/she has been reinstated to good standing. Students will receive information regarding readmission deadlines after they are reinstated to good standing.  Students may submit an application for readmission with their application for reinstatement to good standing.

Second Academic Suspension

It is extremely unlikely that a student who is suspended twice from the College for academic deficiencies by the Committee on Academic Status will ever be reinstated to good standing.

Further Information

Questions concerning these policies should be addressed to [[biboon, Ben Boone]] by email or telephone at 757-221-2510.