Compliance & Policy Office

The Compliance & Policy Office provides central support for the university's efforts to comply with its legal, regulatory and ethical obligations.  It promotes William & Mary's Code of Ethics and other policies.  The Chief Compliance Officer has overall responsibility for the university's compliance program.  

The Office also has direct responsibility for discrimination compliance; the Chief Compliance Officer is the university's Title IX CoordinatorADA/Rehabilitation Act Coordinator and Age Discrimination Act Coordinator.  

What Does the Office Do?  The Compliance & Policy Office:
  • Conducts civil rights investigations and responds to reports and complaints of discrimination and harassment;
  • Coordinates compliance with Title IX, the Violence Against Women Act, the ADA, and other discrimination laws and regulations (online organization charts provide more information about which offices are involved in W&M's discrimination/sexual violence prevention and response work); 
  • Works closely with the Dean of Students Office and William & Mary Police on reports of sexual violence/assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking;
  • Provides information, guidance and training about various compliance topics;
  • Manages the university's policy program;
  • Identifies and closes compliance gaps and develops compliance solutions, including by working with the Risk Management Committee.
You should contact the Office with:

The Compliance & Policy Office does not provide privileged legal advice - please contact University Counsel for legal services.

This website last updated April 2015.