William and Mary

Williamsburg Campus Child Care

  • One on One Attention
    One on One Attention
    Children in the infant room receive personalized attention with a three to one, child to teacher ratio.
  • Learning About Others
    Learning About Others
    Learning about others and developing important thinking skills are two important concepts in the Toddler program.
  • Learning Centers
    Learning Centers
    Children in the Pre-K classroom prepare for Kindergarten through daily learning center activities.
  • Outdoor Play
    Outdoor Play
    Outdoor play is also an important part of the Pre-K classroom as it helps the children develop gross motor skills.
  • Burning Energy
    Burning Energy
    Outdoor play is also important for the Pre-K classroom as our children have plenty of energy to burn.
  • Learn About Themselves
    Learn About Themselves
    Through Quiet Time, toddlers are able to learn about themselves and develop essential thinking skills.
  • Field Trips
    Field Trips
    Due to the close proximity to Colonial Williamsburg, our students are actively involved in storytime at the local library, walks down the historic Duke of Gloucester Street or burning energy on the Sunken Garden.
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    At Williamsburg Campus Child Care, children are encouraged to learn through play. This teaches them critical problem solving, creating thinking and collaboration
  • Quiet Reading
    Quiet Reading
    Children are encouraged to learn through both structured and unstructured play.
  • Art Time
    Art Time
    Children in the preschool classroom complete activities designed to aid in their cognitive development
  • Expression Through Painting
    Expression Through Painting
    Preschoolers complete a variety of activities designed to aid in their social and emotional development.
  • Moving and Doing
    Moving and Doing
    Infants spend most of the day learning by doing and moving.
Williamsburg Campus Child Care (WCCC) is a nonprofit organization which has had a successful program in Williamsburg since 1981.

The College is proud to support the child care program which benefits area children and their families. The campus and the child care program are enriched by the intellectual, creative and physical resources of the College of William and Mary. Academic programs, such as Education and Psychology, regularly participate in the activities of the Center. Both the William and Mary students and the WCCC children benefit from their experience at the Center.

WCCC's program increases the College's ability to attract and retain a diverse community of employees and students. In addition, the program allows employees and students at the College to work and study productively, knowing that their children are well cared for and are nearby.

"I’m so have found a place which has supported our family and the unique needs and talents of our three children in all the ways it has, grateful to have become a part of an early childhood learning environment which we respect as much as we do the Center, and grateful for all of the relationships we have built," Jennifer S.