University eLearning Initiatives

Partnering with departments and programs to strengthen the William & Mary experience

The integration of technology into teaching and learning at William & Mary reflects the College’s fundamental dedication to providing outstanding educational experiences grounded in high quality personal interactions between faculty and students. Uses of eLearning at W&M demonstrate our College commitment to breaking the boundaries between research and teaching, student and teacher, living and learning.

The mission of our office is to partner in creating and delivering William & Mary’s distinctive educational experience. We do this by providing in-depth knowledge and expertise in emerging trends and best practices, facilitating new opportunities and approaches, and serving as stewards for the university’s overall eLearning efforts.


Uses of technologies in teaching and learning evolve rapidly. We specialize in understanding how technologies can preserve, extend and intensify faculty-student engagement. Our team constantly reviews current research and investigate emerging technologies to understand what is possible, what works in the classroom (and what doesn’t), and what approaches best fit in the William & Mary environment. Applying this knowledge, we work with campus partners explore possibilities, identify key issues and develop strategies.


The educational experience at William & Mary integrates tradition with innovation. By working closely with departments and other organizations throughout campus, we help build connections and create opportunities that make this integration successful. In partnership with faculty members, we share our expertise through workshops and seminars in areas tailored to our faculty’s interests and we actively work to create networks and communities for faculty to learn about and learn from one another.


Reporting directly to the provost, our office is responsible for coordinating, aligning and promoting eLearning efforts across the university. The associate provost provides leadership for these activities, guidance and assistance to academic units exploring online courses and programs, and support for initiatives that support faculty development and student success in eLearning. A university eLearning Committee advises the associate provost on the use of eLearning tools and techniques across the various schools and faculties.

We welcome collaboration and encourage you to contact us at any time. To learn more about our staff or current activities on campus, visit

APeL Team
Ryan Baltrip Morton Hall 113 757-221-1102 [[trbaltrip]]

Instructional Designer and Online Programming Director

Adam Barger Morton Hall 114 757-221-1635 [[apbarger]] eLearning Specialist and Program Manager (Social Sciences first point of contact)
Mike Blum Morton Hall 119 757-879-5463 [[mxblum]] eLearning Specialist and Program Manager (Humanities first point of contact)
Nataki Hill Morton Hall 116 757-221-2171 [[nahill01]] Office Manager
Michele Jackson Morton Hall 111 757-221-2402 [[mhjackson]] Associate Provost for eLearning
Pablo Yañez Morton Hall 115 757-221-2647 [[pxyane]] eLearning Specialist and Program Manager (Sciences first point of contact)