COLL 400: Capstone

The COLL 400 capstone experience takes place in the major, typically in your senior year. Here you'll draw on the knowledge you've gained from studies in your major, the College Curriculum, and your other courses and experiences to form your own scholarly work.

You'll be expected to synthesize and apply critical analysis, solve problems in an applied and/or academic setting, create original material or original scholarship, and communicate effectively with diverse audiences.You can accomplish COLL 400 through upper-level seminars, independent study and research projects, and Honors projects, that are specially designated by departments, programs, or schools.

This part of the curriculum will be introduced partially in 2017-18 and fully in the years following. Search the Dynamic Schedule for attribute type "College 400" for courses and descriptions.

As you complete the COLL 400 capstone experience and your undergraduate career at William & Mary, you should be very well positioned to answer the question: What is a liberal arts education?