Synapses: News Stories about the Department

 Synapses features major news stories about the Psychology Department.

Students prepare to take flight with aviation ground school

William & Mary students and faculty now have the opportunity to get one step closer to earning a private pilot certificate by attending the on-campus ground school taught by a Federal Aviation Administration-certified flight instructor.

2017 Undergraduate Science Research Symposium

Celebrating 22 years of undergraduate research in the sciences and mathematics, the Charles Center's annual Science Symposium was held on Friday, February 24, 2017 in the Sadler Center.

National Eating Disorder Walk 2017

Join us and our National Walk Sponsor Aerie for the Williamsburg, VA NEDA Walk at the College of William and Mary on Sunday, April 2, 2017!

Fear factor

A W&M assistant professor of psychology and undergraduate student are conducting a study that aims to find out why some people are more likely to develop fears through observation.

Is inspiration contagious?

A new study by psychology professor Todd Thrash finds that inspiration spreads from writer to reader.

W&M visited by 27 UN peacekeepers from Africa

Psychology Professor Harvey Langholtz discussed the role of police in a society transitioning from war to stability with the officers, who are in training with Cameroon’s International School for Security Forces.

Overrides and Waiting Lists

Connect to the Psychology Department Practice concerning Overrides and Waiting Lists for classes