Study Abroad

Junior Year at St. Andrews

Study abroad during the junior year is one option for physics concentrators. William and Mary has a cooperative agreement with St. Andrews University in Scotland that makes this possible.

This program is administered by the Reves Center for International Studies. Interested students should contact the Reves Center for guidance. The Physics Department determines eligibilty requirements and transfer credit.

Eligibility requirements: Wiliam and Mary physics concentrators with major and overall QPA's of 3.0 or higher by the end of the sophomore year are eligible to participate.

Transfer Credit: Equivalent transfer credit is granted according to the table below. Note that credits transfer for a passing grade (currently a 10 or better on the 1-20 scale used at St. Andrews), but no grade is displayed on the William and Mary transcript. For courses not on this list, consult with the Chair of the Physics Department Undergraduate Committee.  


Semester 1
WM Counterpart

Ph 3061 Quantum Mechanics 1

Ph 313

Ph 3066 Mathematics for Physicists

Ph 301

Ph 3014 Transferable Skills

Ph 309





Semester 2
WM Counterpart

Ph 3007 Electromagnetism

Ph 401

Ph 3062 Quantum Mechanics 2

Ph 314

Ph 3101 Laboratory

Ph 352

Ph 3012 Thermal Physics 

Ph 403 or 482

Ph 3014 Transferable Skills

Ph 309

Ph 3073 Langrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics

Ph 303