Recent Ph.D. Recipients

Megan K. Ivory, Advisor: Seth Aubin “Ultracold Atom Apparatus for Quantum Pumping Experiments” Scientist, ColdQuanta, Inc., Boulder, CO

Mary A. Mohr
, Advisor: John Delos “Quantitative Analysis of Periodic Breathing and Very Long Apnea in Preterm Infants” Instructor, Engineering Science/Physics Department, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY

Zachary Sean Brown, Advisor: Konstantinos Orginos "Heavy Flavor Interactions and Spectroscopy from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics" Senior Data Analyst, Capital One, Richmond, VA

Tommy Allen ByrdAdvisor: John Delos "Ballistic Atom Pumps." Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University

Alena V. Devan, Advisor: Patricia Vahle “Sterile Neutrino Search with MINOS” Data Analyst, Frontier Technology, Chesapeake, VA

Joshua Hoskins
, Advisor: David Armstrong "Determination of the Proton's Weak-Charge via Parity Violating e-p Scattering" Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Manitoba, Canada

Ekaterina Mastropas
, Advisors: David Richards/Konstantinos Orginos "Some Properties of Meson Excited States from Lattice QCD" Visiting Scientist, Physics Department, College of William and Mary

Christopher Lawrence Charles Triola
, Advisor: Enrico Rossi "Electronic Properties of Chiral Two-Dimensional Materials" Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics in Stockholm, Sweden 

Yudistira Virgus, Advisor: Henry Krakauer "Stability, Energetics, and Magnetic States of Cobalt Adatoms on Graphene: An Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Study"

Lei Wang, Advisor: Rosa A. Lukaszew “Plasmonics and Magneto-Plasmonics in Thin Films and Nanostructures.”  

Austin Robert Ziltz
, Advisor: Seth Aubin "Microwave & RF Potentials for Ultracold Atoms" Postdoctoral Researcher, Laser & Plasma Technologies

Eric Jensen, Advisor: Todd Averett "A Search for a New Gauge Boson." Software Field Engineer, IBA Particle Therapy, Hampton University.

Qian Si, 
Advisor: William Cooke "Enhancement of Mass Spectra Signal Processing for Improved Cancer Biomarker Discovery." Performance Review Analyst,, New York.

Matthew Thomas Simons, Advisor:  Irina Novikova "Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators for Nonlinear and Quantum Optical Applications." Research Scientist, Physics Department, College of William and Mary


Dylan Judd Albrecht, Advisor: Joshua Erlich "Applications of Holographic Dualities." Postdoctoral Research Associate at Crete Center of Theoretical Physics (CCTP), Greece

Travis Scott Horrom, Advisor: Eugeniy Mikhailov, "Experimental Generation and Manipulation of Quantum Squeezed Vacuum via Polarization Self-Rotation in Rb Vapor."  Postdoctoral Research Associate, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Benjamin Carl Rislow, Advisor: Carl Carlson "Low Energy Tests of the Standard Model." Physics Faculty, Ellsworth Community College, Iowa Falls, Iowa

Zhifeng Shi, Advisor: William Detmold "Multi-Meson Systems from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics." Developer, 1010data, New York, NY

 Jie Xu, Advisor: Shiwei Zhang, “Magnetic Order and Dimensional Crossover in Optical Lattices with Repulsive Interaction.”  Assistant Vice President, Modeling/Scoring/Analysis - Analyst, Citicorp North America Inc., New York, NY


Carissa Capuano, Advisor: David Armstrong, “Parity-Violating Asymmetry in the Nucleon to D Transition: A Study of Inelastic Electron Scattering in the G0 Experiment.” Adjunct Professor of Physics, Christopher Newport University

Sucheta Shrikant Jawalkar, Advisor: Keith Griffioen, “Measurement of Single and Double Spin Asymmetries in p6(e,erB",0)X using Longitudinally Polarized 14 NH3 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Duke University.

Kelly Anita Kluttz, Advisor:  Todd Averett, "Detailed Study of the Interactions between a Hybrid Alkali Vapor and He-3 Gas" Scientist, Stable Laser Systems, Boulder, Colorado.

John Poague Leckey, IV, Advisor: David Armstrong, “The First Direct Measurement of the Weak Charge of the Proton.”  Postdoctoral Research Associate, Indiana University, Bloomington.

Christopher A. Maher, Advisor: Gina Hoatson, “NMR Study of Paramagnetic Nano-Checkerboard Superlattices.”

Gardner Marshall, Advisor:  Marc Sher, “Supersymmetric & Leptophilic Models of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking.” Instructor, College of Charleston, South Carolina.

 Reinard Primulando, Advisor: Christopher Carone, “Dark Matter in the Heavens and at Colliders: Models and Constraints.” Postdoctoral Research Associate, Johns Hopkins University.


Cara Ann Campbell Leckey, Advisor: Mark Hinders, “Investigation of Ultrasonic Wave Scattering Effects using Computational Methods.”   Scientist, NASA Langley, Hampton, Virginia.

Stephen Coleman, Advisor: Jeffrey Nelson, “A Measurement of Neutrino Oscillations with Muon Neutrinos in the MINOS Experiment.”   Postdoctoral Research Scientist, University of Colorado.

Joseph M. Katich, Advisor: Todd Averett, “Measurement of the Target-Normal Single-Spin Asymmetry    in the Deep Inelastic Region from the Reaction ³He(e,e').”  Postdoctoral Research Scientist, University of Colorado.

Mehdi Meziane, Advisor: Charles Perdrisat, “A Search for Effects Beyond the Born Approximation in Polarization Transfer Observables in    Elastic Scattering.”   Postdoctoral Research Associate, Duke University.

Daniel Pechkis, Advisor: Henry Krakauer, “First-principles Calculations of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shielding Tensors in Complex Ferroelectric Perovskites.” Research Staff Analyst, Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, Virginia

Nathaniel Phillips, Advisor: Irina Novikova, “Slow and Stored Light Under Conditions of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Four Wave Mixing in an Atomic Vapor.”  Postdoctoral Research Associate, NIST, Boulder, Colorado

Jonathan R. Skuza, Advisor: R. Alejandra Lukaszew, “Thin Film and Chemical Ordering Effects on the Magnetic Anisotropy in Binary Alloys.”   Scientist, NASA Langley, Hampton, Virginia.

Erik J. Spahr, Advisor: Gunter Luepke, “Microscopic Dynamics and Transport of Hydrogen in Proton Conducting Oxides.”  President, Phenom Technologies, Inc., Williamsburg; Adjunct Professor, American University.

Bo Zhang, Advisor: George Vahala, “Quantum Turbulence in Two Dimensional Bose-Einstein Condensates.”    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Plasma Fusion Center, University of Texas at Austin


Sarah A. U. Tedder, "Advancements in Dual-Pump Broadband CARS for Supersonic Combustion Measurements,"  Advisor: Paul Danehy, Physicist of Basic Properties of Gases, NASA Glenn, Cleveland, OH.

Jeffrey Yepez, "Quantum Information Dynamics," Advisor: George Vahala, Research Physicist, Air Force Research Laboratory.

Liuming Liu, "Charmed Hadron Spectrum and Interactions,"   Advisor: Konstantinos Orginos, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Trinity College, School of Mathematics, Dublin, Ireland

Nathan K. Baillie, "Electron Scattering from an Almost Free Neutron in Deuterium." Advisor:  Keith Griffioen, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute.

Jon Anly Tan, "Extra Dimensions and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking." Advisor:  Joshua Erlich, The Surya Institute for Science, Computer and Math Education as a first vice chair at the institute.

Aidan M. Kelleher, "A Measurement  of the Neutron Electric Form Factor at Very Large Momentum Transfer Using Polarized Electrons Scattering from a Polarized Helium-3 Target." Advisor:  Todd Averett, Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, MIT.

Crystal A. Bertoncini, "Applications of Pattern Classification for Time-Domain Signals."  Advisor: Mark Hinders, Research Physicist, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C.

Kevin J. Smith "Optical Control of Ultrafast Spin-Wave Relaxation by Magnetic Anisotropy in a Ferromagnet." Advisor: Gunter Luepke,  Research Associate, Applied Science, College of William and Mary

Zainul Abidin "Hadron Structure from Holographic QCD."  Advisor: Carl Carlson,  Lecturer, Surya Institute School of Education, Jakarta, Indonesia

Yanli Xiao, "Comparison of Full-Wave and Ray-Tracing Analysis of Mode Conversion in Plasmas." Advisor: Eugene Tracy


Jaison A. Novick, "Chaotic Scattering in an Open Vase-shaped Cavity: Topological, Numerical, and Experimental Results." Advisor: John Delos, Postdoctoral Fellow, Naval Research Laboratory.

Brian A. Glover, "Topics in Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model." Advisor: Joshua Erlich,

Karl W. Kuschner, "A Bayesian Network Approach to Feature Selection in Mass Spectrometry Data." Advisor: Eugene Tracy, Research Scientist.

Jay P. Paquette, "The Effect of Realistic Focal Conditions on Strong-field Double Ionization." Advisor: Jan Chaloupka, Sr. Systems Engineer, Raytheon, Woburn, MA.

Peter R. Harris,"Laser Desorption from a Room Temperature Ionic Liquid," Advisor: William Cooke, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Robert G. Fersch, Jr., "Measurement of Inclusive Double-Spin Asymmetries and Polarized Structure Functions for the Proton," Advisor: Griffioen, Keith, Postdoctoral Scholar, Physics, University of Kentucky

Sarah Phillips, "Measurement of the Strange Quark Contribution to the Vector Structure of the Proton," Advisors: Allison Lung/David Armstrong, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, University of New Hampshire


Erin K. De Pree, "As Particles Collide: Extra Dimensions and Heavy Leptons," Advisor: Marc Sher, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Christopher R. Schleif, "The Semiclassical Description of the Energy Spectrum of Hydrogen in Near Perpendicular Electric and Magnetic Fields," Advisor: John Delos, Postdoctoral Fellow, U.California, Merced

Brian R. Keating, "Methods for Stabilizing High Reynolds Number Lattice Boltzmann Simulations,"   Advisor:  George Vahala, Employment: Research Scientist,  Neuroscience & MR Research Program, Dept. of Medicine, Univ. Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

Andrew Stephen Richardson, "Topics in Mode Conversion Theory and the Group Theoretical Foundations of Path Integrals," Advisor: Gene Tracy, Postdoctoral Fellow, Plasma Science & Fusion Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hendra Kwee,"Correction of Finite-Size Errors in Many-Body Electronic Structure Calculations," Advisor: Henry Krakauer, Employment- The Surya Institute for Science, Indonesia,  Computer and Math Education


Dandan Mao, "First-principles Calculations of Electric Field Gradients in Complex Perovskites," Advisor: Henry Krakauer

Yuanyuan Huang, "Effects of Molecular Motion on Deuteron Magic Angle Spinning NMR Spectra," Advisor: Robert Vold, Ph.D. program in Finance, GeorgeWashingtonUniversity.

Vincent Anthony Sulkosky, "The Spin Structure of  3He and the Neutron at Low Q2: A Measurement of the Generalized GDH Integrand" Advisor: Todd Averett,   Postdoctoral Fellow, Jefferson National Lab

Joshua Moss, "Measurement of the Branching Fraction forJoshua Moss in the High Mππ Invariant Mass Region" Adivsor: John Kane, Postdoctoral Fellow, OSU,CERN

Jennifer Ann Inman, "Fluorescence Imaging Study of Free and Impinging Supersonic Jets: Jet Structure and Turbulent Transition" Advisor: Paul Danehy, NASA, Langley Research Center

Stephanie Bailey, "Parity-Violation in Elastic Electron Scattering: A First Measurement of the Parity-Violating Asymmetry at Q2=0.631 (GeV/c)2 at Backward Angle" Advisor: David Armstrong, NCI Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Radiology, Stanford University


Christopher Tennant, "Studies of Energy Recovery Linacs at Jefferson Laboratory: 1 GeV Demonstration of Energy Recovery at CEBAF and Studies of the Multipass, Multibunch Beam Breakup Instability in the 10 kW FEL Upgrade Driver" Advisors: Nikolitsa Merminga/Keith Griffioen, Staff Scientist 1, Jefferson National Laboratory

Bryan James Moffit, "Elastic Scattering of Longitudinally Polarized Electrons from Helium-4:  A Measurement of G at Q2 = 0.1 (GeV)2" (subtitle written:  A measurement of G_E^s at Q^2 = 0.1 (GeV)^2) Advisor: David Armstrong, Postdoctoral Associate, MIT, Laboratory for Nuclear Science

Keoki Seu, "Static and Ultrafast MOKE Studies of Exchange-biased Cobalt Systems" Advisor: Anne C. Reilly, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Univ. of Oregon and the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Mingyao Zhu, "Carbon Nanosheets and CNT by RF PECVD" Advisor: Dennis Manos, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Physics, College of William and Mary

Yuxin Dai, "Internal Magnetic Field Distribution of a Type II High Tc Superconductor with Non-conducting Inclusions" Advisor: William J. Kossler

David Anderson, "Studies in CPT Violations and 331 Models" (Advisor: Marc Sher), Visiting Assistant Professor, Albion College

Hailong Huang, "Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy of Half-Metallic Chromium Dioxide " (Advisor: Anne Reilly), Quantronix Corporation, East Setauket, NY

Haijian Chen, "Automated Peak Identification for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectroscopy" (Advisor: Eugene R. Tracy), Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Physics, College of William and Mary

Herry Kwee, "Spectroscopy, Production and Decays of Pentaquarks" (Advisor: Christopher D. Carone), Postdoctoral Research Associate, Arizona State University

Jeffrey Secrest "Measurement of Electroweak Asymmetries in Polarized-Electron Scattering at 0.1 < Q2 < 0.5 (GeV/c)2" (Advisor: Allison Lung) Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Pennsylvania


Cornel Butuceanu, "Quasi-Elastic Electron Scattering from a High-Momentum Nucleon in Deuterium" (Advisor: Keith Griffioen)

William Brouwer, "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Relaxor Ferroelectrics" (Advisor: Gina Hoatson), Postdoctoral position at Pennsylvania State University

Shannon Watson, "Impact of Large Scale Substrate Roughness on Giant Magnetoresistive Thin Films" (Advisor:  Anne Reilly), Postdoctoral position at National Institute of Standards and Technology, Maryland

Malliga Suewattana, "Monte Carlo Simulations of Ferroelectric Crystal Growth and Molecular Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules" (Advisor: Shiwei Zhang), Postdoctoral position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Justin Conroy,  "Modifications of Spacetime and Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Model" (Advisor: Christopher Carone) Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics Department, SUNY Fredonia

Wirawan Purwanto, "Quantum Monte Carlo Method for Boson Ground States: Application to Trapped Bosons with Attractive and Repulsive Interactions" (Advisor: Shiwei Zhang) Postdoctoral Fellow @ William and Mary

Sheng Peng, "Ultraviolet Sources for Advanced Applications in The Vacuum UV and Near UV" (Advisor: Dennis Manos) Research Scientist at CW Optics, Inc.


Vahagn Nazaryan, "Studies of Noncommutative Field Theory and of Pentaquarks" (Advisor: C Carlson) Postdoctoral Fellow, College of William and Mary

Wei Yang, Characterization of the Transient Behaviors in a Colliding Pulse Mode-locked (CPM) Laser (Advisor: W. Cooke), Postdoctoral Research Associate, UVA, Physics Department

Christopher Kulp, Control of Integrable Hamiltonian Systems and Degenerate Bifurcations (Advisor: E. R. Tracy) Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Eastern Kentucky University

Jeffrey McIntire, Application of Effective Field Theory to the Study of Hypernuclei (Advisor: J. D. Walecka) Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana U.

Andrew Norman, Measurement of the Branching Fraction for K0L -> µ+µ-e+e+ (Advisor: J.R. Kane) Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Virginia.


Kevin M. Kramer, The Search for Higher Twist Effects in the Neutron Spin-Structure Function g2n(x,Q2) (Advisor: T.D. Averett) Postdoctoral Fellow, Duke U.

Angus Ian Duncan MacNab, Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: The Development of Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Dissipative Systems (Advisor: G. Vahala) Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Maryland.

Wendy Sara Vogan, The Effect of an Adsorbate Upon Secondary Emission Properties of Low-Energy Ion Bombarded Metallic and Semiconductor Substrates (Advisor: R.L. Champion) National Security Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Lab, P-23 division.

Marco Antonio Huertas, Applications of Effective Field Theory/Density Functional Theory to Ground-State Properties of Nuclei Far from Stability (Advisor: J.D. Walecka) Research Associate, Applied Science, William & Mary

Wesley Jason Gammon, Chemical Bonding of Hard and Elastic Carbon-Nitride Films: an XPS, NMR, Nanoindentation, and Computational Study (Advisor: A. Reilly) Postdoctoral Fellow, Applied Science, William & Mary

Donghua Zhou, Multinuclear NMR Studies of Relaxor Ferroelectrics, (Advisor: G. Hoatson), Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University


Pibero Djawotho, Measurement of the Neutron (3He) Spin Structure Functions at low Q2: A Connection between the Bjorken and Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum Rule (Advisor: J.M. Finn)

Jessica H.D. Clark, The Ortho-Para Transition in Muonic Molecular Hydrogen (Advisor: D.S. Armstrong) Public Outreach Specialist, American Physical Society

Xuewen Wan, Effects of Longitudinal Disorder on the Magnetic Field Distribution in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+* (Advisor: W.J. Kossler) Physics Faculty, Petersburg Public Schools, Petersburg VA

Zhigang Wu, First-Principles Calculations of Piezoelectricity and Polarization Rotation in PZT 50/50 (Advisor: H. Krakauer) Postdoctoral Fellow, Geophysical Lab at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC

Eeric Allman, The Ground State of Two-dimensional Hubbard-Like Models (Advisor: S. Zhang) Research Scientist, SFA, Naval Research Lab

Olivier Gayou, Proton Form Factors: Measurement of the Proton Form Factors Ratio up to Q2=5.6 GeV2 by Recoil Polarimetry (Advisor: C.F. Perdrisat) Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT


Hovanes Egiyan, Single pi+ Electroproduction in the First and Second Resonance Regions Using CLAS (Advisor: K. Griffioen) Postdoctoral Fellow, Jefferson Lab

Gary A. Rutledge, Measurement of the Strange Sea of the Proton (Advisors: D.S. Armstrong and J.M. Finn) Postdoctoral Fellow, TRIUMF and U. Manitoba

Zoltan Batiz, QCD, Deep Inelastic Scattering, Confinement and Quark-Hadron Duality in 1+1 Dimensions (Advisor: F. Gross) Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Physics of Fundamental Interactions, Insituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal

Shuquan Nie, Phenomenology of the SU(2)L x SU(2)I x U(1)Y x U(1)Y' Model (Advisor: M. Sher) Postdoctoral Fellow, Concordia U.

Alfredo Aranda, Topics in Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Advisor: C.D. Carone) Professor, Universidad de Colima (Mexico)


Jonathan Curley, Redistribution of Rydberg Staes by Terahertz Radiation (Advisor: W. Cooke) Scientist, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren VA

Christian Wahlquist, Studies in Hard Pion Photoproduction (Advisor: C. Carlson) Programmer/Analyst, 3G International

Dongmei Wang, The Absorption Spectrum of the Hydrogen Atom in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields (Advisor: J.B. Delos) Research Scientist (Senior Technical Manager, Networking Research Department ) AT & T Shannon Research Lab, Florham Park NJ

Paul M. King, Precision Measurements of the Proton and Deuteron Polarized Structure Functions (Advisor: K.A. Griffioen) Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Maryland

Paolo Amore, The Modifications of the Nucleon Properties in the Nuclear Medium (Advisor: J.D. Walecka) Professor, Universidad de Colima (Mexico)


Russell A. Wincheski, Characterization of the Physical Properties of Iron Polyimide Nanocomposites (Advisor: W.J. Kossler) Aerospace Technologist, NASA Langley Research Center

Christopher LaSota, Structural Instabilities in SrTiO3 From First-Principles Calculations (Advisor: H. Krakauer) Teaching physics at Kenyon college as a visiting assistant professor

Deonna Faye Woolard, Thermoelastic and Photoelastic Full-Field Stress Measurement (Advisor: M. Hinders) Associate Professor, Randolph-Macon College

Kevin M. Hern, Decay Search for the Supersymmetric R0(gg) Hadron via the Channel R0 -> pi+pi-photino (Advisor: M. Eckhause) High Performance Technologies, Inc.

Alan C. Coleman, Electroproduction of Omega(783) Mesons using CLAS at Jefferson Lab (Advisor: H. Funsten) Analyst, Systems Planning & Analysis, Inc.

Darren M. Wah, Turbulence in Binary Fluid Flow Systems: A Lattice Boltzmann Approach (Advisor: G. Vahala) High Performance Technologies, Inc.

Krishni Wijesooriya, First (e ,e'p ) Measurement of Polarization Transfer in a Complex Nucleus: 16O. (Advisor: J.M. Finn) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Argonne National Lab

Gary M. Prezeau, One Loop Corrections to an Hadronic Model with Vector Mesons. (Advisor: J.D. Walecka) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Hampton U./TJNAF

Samuel J. Varner, Experimental and Computational Techniques in Carbon-13 NMR. (Advisor: G. Hoatson) Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Illinois at Chicago


David G. Meekins, Coherent Neutral Pion Photoproduction on the Deuteron at Intermediate Energies. (Advisor: R. Carlini) Staff Scientist (Targets Group), Jefferson Lab

Michael A. Uzzo, The Stability of the Quark-Antiquark Systems of Mesons: A Study of the Validity of the Spectator, Dirac, and Salpeter Equations. (Advisor: F. Gross) Research Scientist, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Scott G. Walton, The Role of Adsorbed Oxygen in Secondary Emission from Metallic Substrates. (Advisor: R. Champion) Postdoctoral Research Associate, SFA, Inc. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC

Bryan E. Barmore, Some Applications of Mean Field Theory to Strong Interaction Physics. (Advisor: J.D. Walecka) Postdoctoral Research Associate, U. of Tennesse and Oak Ridge National Lab.

Christopher S. Armstrong, Electroproduction of the S11(1535) Resonance at High Momentum Transfer. (Advisors: J.M. Finn and R. Carlini) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Jefferson Lab.

Brian L. Peko, Low Energy Collisions of Molecular Ions with Hydrogen, Methane, and Freon. (Advisor: R. Champion) Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Denver.

Christopher C. Hoff, A Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in the Neutral Kaon System. (Advisor: R.E. Welsh) Programmer/Analyst, 3GI-Maximus

Daniela Steinbach, Optimization of a Pixelized Gamma-Ray Imager for Scintimammography. (Advisor: S. Majewski) Instructor, University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.

Robert D. Martin III, First Observation of the Very Rare Decay KL0 --> e+e-. (Advisor: R.E. Welsh) Vice President, Global Application Software, Hypercom Corporation


David Lee Morgan, Searches for Exotic Matter. (Advisor: M. Sher), Professor of Physics at The New School, New York, NY

Kelly Ann Herbst, The Tower of States Model: An Exploration of the Effect of Higher-Order Resonances on the Nucleon-Nucleon System. (Advisor: F. Gross) Planetarium Instructor, Virginia Living Museum

Min Soe, Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Simulations of Variable Prandtl Number Turbulent Flows. (Advisor: G. Vahala) Assistant Professor, Oklahoma Panhandle State.

Gregory D. Dorata, CP Violation in K-Long Decays. (Advisor: M. Sher)

John Christopher Tucek, Collision-Induced Secondary-Electron and Negative-Ion Emission from Metallic Surfaces. (Advisor: R. Champion) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Argonne National Lab.

Marco J. Brown, Selective Inversion Pulses in Solid State Deuteron NMR. (Advisor: G L Hoatson) Software Engineer, Chekmate Electronics, Inc., Roswell, Georgia

April H. Baugher, Microstructural Characterization of an Ultra-High Performance Polyimide. (Advisor: W. Kossler) Analytical Lab Supervisor, Hexcel Corporation

Michael S. West, Radiation-Induced Luminescence of Terbium-Doped Silicate Glasses. (Advisor: W. Winfree) Physicist/Optical Engineer, Mentor Technologies, Inc

Philip T. Spickler, Solar Infrared Relative Intensity Data from the Halogen Occultation Experiment. (Advisor: D. Benner) Assistant Professor, Division of Mathematics & Physical Science, Ferrum College, Virginia

Agus Ananda, Propagation of Rayleigh Wave in Thin Films. (Advisor: B. Smith) CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation).


Sergei M. Ananyan, Electroweak Interactions and Exchange Currents in Nuclei. (Advisor: J D Walecka) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Indiana University

Rhett J. Woo, First Measurement of the Induced Proton Polarization, Pn, in the 12C(e,e'p) Reaction. (Advisor: J M Finn) Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Manitoba

Justin I. McIntyre, A Comparison of the Polarization Observables for the d(e,e'p) and p(e,e'p) Reactions at Quasi-Free Kinematics. (Advisor: J M Finn) Staff Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Christopher Haas, The Projector Basis Method for Electronic Bandstructure Calculations. (Advisor: H. Krakauer) Manager of Programming and Engineering, Worldweb, Ltd.

Richard L. Kahler, The Strong Force: Two Calculations of Strong Interaction Phenomena. (Advisor: F. Gross) Head of Science Department, Physics & Chemistry Teacher, St. Margaret's High School, Tappahannock, Virginia.

Michael D. Seale, Propagation of Guided Acoustic Waves in Composite Media. (Advisor: B.T. Smith) Assistant Professor, Marietta College

Xian-Zhu Tang, Transport in Chaotic Systems. (Advisor: A.H. Boozer) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, William and Mary.


Chengzhang Wang, First Principles Linear Response Calculations of Lattice Dynamics. (Advisor: H. Krakauer> Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Physics, William and Mary.

Bernhard W. Bach, Search for Metastability in 2S Muonic Neon. (Advisor: R. Siegel) Software Engineer, Hyperfine Inc., Boulder CO.

Maciek Sasinowski, A deltaf Monte Carlo Method to Calculate Parameters in Fusion Plasmas. (Advisor: A.H. Boozer) CEO of The Institute for Computational Genomics, Inc. (INCOGEN)

Alexis Kambis, A Numerical Model of the Global Carbon Cycle to Predict Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations, (Advisor: J Levine) Research Scientist, SSAI (Science Systems and Applications Inc.), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt MD

Zenghai Li, Beam Dynamics in the CEBAF Superconducting Cavities (Advisor: J Bisognano) Postdoctoral Research Associate, SLAC, Stanford CA.

Terri L. Lazarus, The Characterization of the Radiative Energy Transfer Process Among Ho3+ Ions in Y3Al5O12, (Advisor: G Armagan) Research Scientist , Laser Technology and Applications, NASA Langley Research Center, VA


David W. Viel, Muon Transfer from Muonic Deuterium to Carbon. (Advisor: R. Siegel) Software Engineer, Intermetric Inc., McClean VA

Anthony B. Wakely, Glueball Wave Functions and Production Cross Sections, (Advisor: C. Carlson) Operations Research Analyist, E-OIR Measurements.

N. Eric Cheung, Polarization Transfer Coefficient Measurements in the Deuteron Breakup Reaction H(d,p)X at 2.1 GeV. (Advisor: C. Perdrisat) Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Pittsburgh.

Allan J. Greer, Jr., Low Internal Magnetic Fields in Anisotropic Superconductors. (Advisor: W.J. Kossler) Associate Professor, Gonzaga University,

James A. Fedchak, Collisions of Atomic Hydrogen with O,S, Na and Halogen Anions at Low Energies (Advisor: R. Champion) Postdoctoral Research Associate, Argonne National Lab.

Jing Gao, Photoabsorption Spectra of Hydrogen and Alkali Atoms in Electric Fields. (Advisor: J. Delos) Assistant Professor, Kean College, NJ

Yohanes Surya, A Relativistic Model of Pion Nucleon Scattering and Pion Photopro duction in a Single Nucleon, (Advisor: F. Gross) Director, Science Publishing Company, Indonesia.

Tak Y. Tse, Deuteron Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of Molecular Motion in Solids. (Advisor, G. Hoatson) Engineer for CSM, Inc., Singapore