William & Mary

Advanced Placement

Many students today enter William and Mary with substantial advanced placement credit. AP credit for Math 111 (Calculus I) is awarded when a student achieves a score of 4 or 5 on the AB test, or a score of 3 on the BC test. AP credit for both Math 111 and 112 (Calculus I and Calculus II) is awarded when a student scores a 4 or 5 on the BC test. In addition, the department offers a program of Credit by Examination for students with strong calculus backgrounds who did not take the AP exam. Some students simply skip Math 111 based on their high school background and register for Math 112, and these students should consult the department chair during orientation period to have their decision approved by the department.

Students who have AP credit for Calculus I and II should take either Math 212 or Math 213, Calculus III, or Math 211 (Linear Algebra) in their first semester.

In each of the mathematics major concentrations, well-prepared students may begin their studies beyond Math 111 without receiving credit for earlier courses listed in the core requirements section of each concentration. Each skipped course for which the student does not receive credit must be replaced by an additional three-credit 300-400 level course.