William and Mary

Greetings from the Chair

February 2014

Mike Deschenes

We’re baaaaack!(Remember that scary old movie?)

That’s right, students and faculty have now returned after a nice, relaxing holiday break. Unfortunately, classes resumed just in time for Mother Nature to clobber us with back-to-back snow storms that caused the shutdown of campus. The College Facilities and Maintenance crews did an outstanding job of digging us out and clearing our roads, allowing classes to resume quickly. Great job guys, we all appreciate your efforts.


 Those of us in Kinesiology & Health Sciences are delighted to announce the arrival of a new addition to the family of Prof. Scott Ickes. Dorothy Scott Ickes was born on the night of Wednesday, February 5, at 10:30 pm. Congratulations to Scott and Jane for their third beautiful child.

 As usual at the start of the calendar year, we spotlight the research accomplishments of our students and faculty. The record shows that 2013 was another productive year for the department’s scholars. Many current or former students were recognized as co-authors on peer-reviewed publications. Our congratulations go out to Jennifer Gaertner, Shaelyn O’Reilly, Michelle Wolf, Taylor Hurst, Beth Ramser, Grace Sherman, Sarah Todd, Christina Araj, Stephanie Mutchler, Jessica Taylor, and Kam Mangis. All were undergraduate students while doing their research. The department is proud to offer so many opportunities to our undergraduate students, to work side by side with faculty members as they conduct their own high-quality research.

 We received another bit of good news recently. The Dean’s Office has authorized us to hire a new full-time faculty member to help serve the growing number of students registering for our courses and majoring in our department. This new faculty member will teach a number of our laboratory courses, including Human Anatomy, Physiology of Exercise, and Biomechanics in addition to our very popular Exercise Prescription lecture course.

 Each month I receive a report from the Development Office of donations made to our department, and I am always impressed with the generosity of our alumni as well as our current students. Even when you are just starting out in your professional careers, or are still in school, you manage to do what you can to help out our current and future students. We cannot thank you enough for your consideration.

 As it is now the spring semester, we start to think about graduation. This year’s commencement ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, May 11, in William & Mary Hall--but it will begin earlier than in previous years, at 10 am. After the main ceremony in the Hall, our department will have its own ceremony for our graduating majors at 1:30 pm in Adair Hall. If you have family or friends who will be receiving degrees, please feel free to join us in Adair to take part in the activities.

Finally, please let me remind you that it is easy to keep up with what is going on in Kinesiology & Health Sciences by visiting our website. There are always some interesting stories and updates:

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 Please take care and keep in touch,


 Chair and Professor

Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences

College of William and Mary