AMES courses for Fall 2016

All courses listed below can be used towards the AMES major. Please consult with an AMES advisor to use courses not currently included in the catalog or online.

AMES 250: Critical Issues in AMES (Sheehi)

AMES 333: South and Southeast Asian Folklore Performance (Tanglao-Aguas)

ANTH347: Japanese Society (Hamada)

ARTH100-02/COLL100: Monuments of Asia (Wu)

ARTH377/CHIN328: Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art (Wu)

CHIN 309: Survey of Chinese Literature in English (Tang)

CHIN 220: Chinese Popular Culture (Lu)

GOVT 312: Politics of Developing Countries (Mullen)

GOVT 491: State Building in Afghanistan (Mullen)

GOVT 491: Rise of China (Cheng)

HIST 142: East Asian Civilization since 1600 (Chung, 2 sections)

HIST 171: Middle East from the Rise of Islam to 1400 (Karakaya-Stump)

HIST 332: Modern Korean History (Chung)

HIST 490: Women and Islam (Karakaya-Stump)

JAPN 100/COLL 100: Anime Explores the Post -human (Cronin)

JAPN 208: Crossing Borders: Japan, Travel, the World (Sasaki)

JAPN 307: Cultures of the Cold War (Sasaki)

JAPN 307: Japanese Food Culture (Kato)

RELG 214: Buddhism (Vose)