William and Mary

AMES courses for Fall 2014

All courses listed below can be used towards the AMES major. Please consult with an AMES advisor to use courses not currently included in the catalog or online.

ANTH 350: Anthropology of Islam, Glasser

ARAB 150W: The Arab World, Makkawi

ARAB 290: Topics in Arabic Dialects, Cherkaoui

ARAB 301: Advanced Arabic, Cherkaoui

ARAB 303: Media Arabic, Eisele

ARAB 311: Special Topics in Arab Culture, Sharafeldin

ARTH 255: The Art of East Asia, Wu

ARTH 330: Cities in the Modern Middle East, Zandi-Sayek

ARTH 397: Chinese Painting, Wu

CHIN 150: Country-City: China in Transition, Ma

CHIN 301: Upper-Intermediate Chinese I, Ma and Su

CHIN 309: Chinese Literature in English, Tang

CHIN 320: Chinese Popular Culture, Hui

CHIN 360: Introduction to Chinese Cinema, Ma

CHIN 401: Advanced Speaking I

CHIN 403: Advanced Reading & Writing I, Pan

CHIN 428: Advanced Seminar in Chinese, Hui

GOVT 336: Politics of China & Japan, Hart

GOVT 339: Middle East Political Systems, Shushan

GOVT 404: Seminar in International Relations: Afghanistan, Mullen

GOVT 439: Arab Foreign Policy, Shushan

HIST 141: East Asian Civilization to 1600, Mosca

HIST 142: East Asian Civilization since 1600, Han

HIST 211: History of Persianate Societies

HIST 333: Modern Chinese History, Mosca

HIST 490C: Japan in the Early Modern World, Han

JAPN 150W: What if? Japan Counter-History, Cronin

JAPN 210: Modern & Contemporary Japanese Literature

JAPN 301: Upper Intermediate Japanese I, A. Kitamura

JAPN 308: Japanese Food Culture, Kato

JAPN 308: Anime Fictions, Cronin

RELG 212: Introduction to Islam, Sonn

RELG 213: Introduction to Hinduism, McLaughlin

RELG 214: Introduction to Buddhism, Vose

RELG 318: Islam in the Modern World, Sonn

RELG 361: Modern Hinduism, McLaughlin

RELG 380: Buddhist Philosophy, Vose

THEA 333: SE Asian Folklore Performance, Tanglao-Aguas