William & Mary

AMES courses for Spring 2015

All courses listed below can be used towards the AMES major. Please consult with an AMES advisor to use courses not currently included in the catalog or online.

AFST 332/AMES 290, Sex & Race in Plays & Films, Tanglao-Aguas

AMST 350/AMES 290, Transnational Asian-American Literature, Ferrao

ANTH 331, Culture and Society in the Modern Middle East and North Africa, Glasser

ARAB 311/AMES 290, Learning from Dubai, Sheehi 

CHIN 280, East Asian Cultures Through Film, Lee

CHIN 322, Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature in English, Lee

CHIN 386, Art of Chinese Poetry, Tang

GOVT 336, Governments and Politics of China and Japan, Hart

GOVT 339: Middle East Political Systems, Shushan

GOVT 391, South Asia, Mullen

GOVT 439, Arab Foreign Policy, Shushan

HIST 142, Introduction to East Asian Civilization from 1600, Mosca

HIST 171, History of the Middle East to 1400, Stump

HIST 312, Ottoman Empire, Stump

HIST 312/AMES 290, Asian American History, Thelwell

HIST 491C, Mongol Empire, Mosca

JAPN 208, Japanese Ghosts & Demons, Cronin

JAPN 308, Disaster: Natural to Nuclear, DiNitto

JAPN 311, Japanese Cinema, Cronin

JAPN 330, Japanese Popular Culture DiNitto

MUSC 367, Music of India, Katz

RELG 212, Introduction to Islam, Hernandez

RELG 317, Women in Islam, Hernandez

SOCL 366/AMES 290, Asian American Studies, Sohoni