Department Organization 2016-17


Chair: Suzanne Raitt

Associate Chair: Arthur Knight

Director of the Undergraduate Program: Simon Joyce

Director of Writing:  Sharon Zuber

Director of Advising: Chris MacGowan (transfer credit); John Conlee (study abroad)

Liaison to the School of Education: Christopher MacGowan

Director of Honors: Melanie Dawson

Director of Creative Writing: Henry Hart (fall); Nancy Schoenberger (spring): (Donaldson Writer-in-Residence Program; Patrick Hayes Writer Series)

Scheduling:  Suzanne Raitt, Jeanne Smith, Brett Wilson

Recorder: Erin Webster

Webmaster: Shanay Butler

Standing Committees

Personnel: Full: Kim Wheatley (Chair; 14-17), TBD (15-18), Suzanne Raitt (ex-officio; 16-19); Associate: Melanie Dawson (16-18), Monica Potkay (16-18); Assistant: TBD (16-17); At Large: Jack Martin (16-17)

Undergraduate Program: Simon Joyce (Director), John Conlee, Chelsey Johnson, Colleen Kennedy, Hermine Pinson, Erin Webster, Sharon Zuber

Budget: Suzanne Raitt (Chair), Anne Charity-Hudley, Arthur Knight, Chris MacGowan, Jeanne Smith

Honors: Melanie Dawson (Chair), Brian Castleberry, Henry Hart, Rich Lowry, Erin Minear

Speakers Committee: Deborah Morse (Chair), Christy Burns, Brett Wilson

Writer/Artist-in-Residence Committee and Patrick Hayes Writer Series: Nancy Schoenberger, Lee Alexander, Brian Castleberry, Henry Hart, Chelsey Johnson (Chair, Patrick Hayes Writer Series), Hermine Pinson (Chair, Writer/Artist-in-Residence)

Special Committees

Representatives to the Writing Committee: Rich Lowry, Monica Potkay

Prizes (Borish Prize): Adam Potkay (Chair), Varun Begley, Deborah Morse

Social Media/Department Web Site Ad Hoc Committee: Brett Wilson (Chair), Christy Burns, Shanay Butler, Suzanne Hagedorn (spring), Chelsey Johnson, Elizabeth Losh (fall), Lynn Weiss

Ad Hoc Committee for the Jack and Anne Willis Scholarship and Concord Traveling Fellowship: Henry Hart (Chair), Christy Burns, Chris MacGowan

SACS Ad Hoc Committee: Erin Minear (Chair), Simon Joyce, Robert Scholnick, Walt Wenska