The Center for Geospatial Analysis (CGA) is an interdisciplinary GIS program at William and Mary.

The CGA intermittently offers undergraduate GIS classes in Geology, Environmental Science, Anthropology, Health Science, Public Policy, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Biology as well as offering marine science graduate instruction at VIMS.

The CGA employs two full-time faculty members with expertise in GIS and Remote Sensing. It supports numerous competitive grants and employs between 3-10 grant staff and 2-5 students at any given time.

The CGA partners with other GIS faculty across campus including Matthias Leu (geostatistics, ecology, biology), Greg Hancock (geology, river processes, erosion), Dorothy Ibes (urban science, sustainability, public space), and numerous other faculty and staff that incorporate GIS into their research and teaching.

We have a 14-seat GIS lab housed in a 2000ft2 purpose-built teaching and researching facility housed within Swem Library. We provide access to all common GIS & RS software packages as well as providing support for those who prefer to utilize open-source alternatives. We also have GIS equipment, such as a map plotter and large format scanners.

The CGA is supported with grants from Mellon, NSF, and internal awards.