Art Is Who We Are

We've pulled together some portfolios that introduce and showcase the work of former students. Our plan is to add several portfolios each year, showing the range and variety of what can result, in part, from the study and practice of art at William and Mary.

If you're an alum and would like to participate: [[art]]


Portfolios 2013

Joe Dye '67Joseph Dye '67 

"No one will ever know what you are talking about."




Case Jernigan '08Case Jernigan '08 

"I grew up believing in the cultural significance of stories and myth. I imbue my images with details from these stories . . ."  




Portfolios 2012

Elizabeth Hill Boone '70 Elizabeth Hill Boone '70

 "I am afraid I was sometimes a rather mediocre student, and I initially struggled with writing . . ."




Christopher Reiger '99 Christopher Reiger '99

 "When I think of W&M, the sundial often comes to mind . . . "




Michelle EricksonMichelle Erickson '82

“ I guess it all started with a critique that I didn’t ‘talk like an artist’ . . .




Portfolios 2011

Birdie Boone Alberta "Birdie" Boone '94

"We are not only what we eat, but how we eat it too . . . "




Bill Fisher '85Bill Fisher '85

“In my sophomore year, an aesthetic, pedagogical, and constitutional debate erupted within the ranks of art students and faculty . . .”




Sara M. Taylor '98

“As graduation from William and Mary approached, I freaked out . . .”