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Judith Andrews ’06
(Oct. 2011)

I am now interning at the National Museum of Natural History in the Department of Anthropology on a great research project, Recovering Voices. It is a new initiative of the Smithsonian to preserve and reinvigorate endangered languages and the knowledge systems embedded in them. The project includes work by 3 units, NMNH, NMAI, and the Folklife Center--look for Recovering Voices exhibits at next year's Folklife Festival, a traveling exhibit at NMAI in 2013, and an exhibit at NMNH in 2014. I am currently beginning the website for the project. We will have a few simple pages up in time for the AAAs and a much larger website in the future.


Kimberly Smith Ivey ’79
(Oct. 2011)

Professional: Associate Curator, Textiles and Historic Interiors, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, Va. Current projects: Writing a book on quilts in the CWF collection and mounting an exhibit on Baltimore Album quilts to open at AARFAM in June, 2012. Just returned from the International Embroiderer's Guild Conference, where I gave a lecture on the British influences on American needlework. Personal: Our son is in his first year of college at Longwood Univ. where we recently met Dr. Jim Jordan, head of the Anthropology Department there. He asked about Dr. Ted Reinhart, who has donated his library to LU.


Richard Eason ’78
(Oct. 2011)

Richard completed three years at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, Belgium, serving half the time as the acting Deputy Chief of Mission to the Ambassador. He then completed senior training in Strategy and National Security at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. He has just arrived in Abu Dhabi, UAE for a tour as Economic Counselor and, again, occasionally as acting Deputy Chief of Mission.


Jane Cuthrell Kirsch ’82
(Oct. 2011)

After graduating from William and Mary, I worked in Japan for several years--first in a property management company and later as an English conversation teacher, living with local home stay families. Learning the Japanese language and culture as a participant-observer, I greatly enjoyed my time there and it truly expanded my horizons. After returning to the U.S. and working for a variety of companies, I eventually entered grad school at a university in the Washington, D.C., area and earned a master's in English/Linguistics and graduate certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Now I teach English to international students and am a full-time faculty member.


Kristen McAlister ’05
(Oct. 2011)

This summer, I finished my M.A. in Anthropology (with a graduate minor in Museum Studies) at the University of Minnesota. I now live in Charleston, W.V., and work at the West Virginia State Museum, which is a culture and history museum that celebrates all things West Virginia. I work primarily in guest services right now, but I've also done quite a bit of work with the collections and helped install a number of exhibits. My thanks to the WM Anthropology department for preparing me for grad school and my career in the museum field!


Peter Maybarduk ’02
(Oct. 2011)

Peter is Global Access to Medicines Program Director at Public Citizen: http://citizen.org/access. Peter released his third album, "A ring around the Atlantic," this fall: http://maybarduk.bandcamp.com/.


Porter Bourie ’04
(Oct. 2011)

After graduating, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa, in the Natural Resource Management Program from 2004 to 2006. I credit my undergraduate training in anthropology as one of the reasons I had such a successful and profound PC service. I've since continued my anthropological training at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I received my M.A. in cultural anthropology in 2009 with a focus on West Africa and the Anthropology of Religion. I'm now pursuing my Ph.D., which has brought me back to the big questions that ran through my mind while in Togo. My research is focused on the production of environmental and economic knowledges during a water management project in rural Mali. I've been fortunately enough to return to West Africa in 2009 and 2011 for preliminary research. I'm now collaborating with a Denver-based NGO in the community of Mopti, Mali, while applying for research grants to get myself back to Mali for a full year. If all goes well, I'll be in the field from August 2012 to September 2013!


Isabel Jenkins Zeigler MA '01
( 5/18/2011)

In January 2010 I began my current position as Supervisory Curator for four National Park Service sites in Contra Costa County, CA: Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front NHP, John Muir NHS, Eugene O'Neill NHS, & Port Chicago Naval Magazine NM.

Richard Eason '78

Unfortunately I predated these professors, which tells me I am getting along myself.  I am a Foreign Service Officer currently studying at the Naval War College in Newport, RI and heading to probably my last overseas tour at the American Embassy in the United Arab Emirates.  I still have great memories of my time at W&M and Anthro.
Richard Eason '78


Laura Buchanan '10

A story about Dr. Voigt:
I took my senior seminar - Archaeology of Cities - with Dr. Voigt in fall of 2009.  It was a small class, but that made for an enriching and fun enviornment.  One day we were discussing definitions of civilization, and I (cheekily) commented - "Oh, and it's a computer game."  Dr. Voigt responded quickly - "Yes!  I play it every day."  Apparently Civilization - along with a hot cup of coffee - was a good way to wake up and get ready for a busy day at Gordion.
Whenever I think of this story it puts a smile on my face!


Benjamin Arbuckle '99

Dear Professor Bragden,

I am a 1999 graduate of the Anthropology Department and have some very fond memories of taking courses with Mary Voigt as an eager but clueless 18 year old. In particular I remember her one day in her Near Eastern Archaeology course making reference to a particularly handsome workman from her excavations at Gritille in Turkey, whom she deemed ‘too handsome and distracting’ to work in the trench and was thus sent down to the screens at the bottom of the mound. This funny comment elicited nervous giggles from the crowd of students in Washington Hall who seemed unsure how to respond to a respected senior female professor making racy comments about a male worker. I thought it was great and it is a moment that has stuck with me now for more than a decade. Of course, I also got my introduction to Near Eastern prehistory and my first opportunity for field work in the region from Mary both of which formed the foundation for my career as an archaeologist.

Best wishes,

Ben Arbuckle


Ruth Mariampolski '97

After working in marketing in Michigan, and managing a horse farm in Virginia, in 2010 I was admitted to practice law in New York State. Presently, I work for the City of New York in a tribunal that adjudicates matters of City law.


Trudy O'Reilly '02

What a great idea.  I look forward to staying connected to the department.

Trudy O'Reilly O'Reilly Public Relations orpr@msn.com


Samuel Elswick MA '05

Sam and his wife Sharon own and operate the Holladay House Bed and Breakfast in Orange, VA, an historic inn near James Madison's Montpelier. I still dabble in history and archaeology when I can, but the inn keeps us busy!


Helen Blouet '01

I have a tenure track assistant professor position in the Sociology and Anthropology department at Utica College, in Utica, New York. I completed my PhD from Syracuse University in 2010 which focused on the politics of burial and commemoration on the island of St. John from 1718-1950. Courses taught include Introduction to Anthropology, Introduction to Archaeology, Human Evolution, Caribbean Anthropology and Archaeology, American Indian Culture and History, and Cultures, Health, and Healing.


Ben Skolnik  2007

I sent the department a card a little while ago, but just wanted to make sure it got through.  I'm about to finish up my first semester at the University of Maryland where I'm working on my Ph.D. in Anthropology.  I'm studying formal landscapes of the 18th century Chesapeake under Dr. Mark Leone.  I hope all is well in Williamsburg and finals are going well.


Lauren Brincat  2010

I am currently working as the FAO Schwarz Foundation Fellow at the Museum of the City of New York. The Fellowship funds recent graduates to work full-time for two years in Boston, Philadelphia, and New York in major education-based nonprofits. At MCNY I educate school groups in guided school programs as well as research, write, and develop new school programs drawing from the Museum's exhibitions and collections.


Joshua Eftekhari-Asl '08

Professor Bragdon - I am a 08' alum from the program and I am starting a restaurant focused on sourcing 100% of our ingredients from local suppliers. Who is researching the "slow food" movement? I'd like meet with them and see what they are finding.