Compassionate Action Alert

Charter cities in Texas: Austin, Dallas-Ft.Worth and San Antonio have stepped forward to help with the relief effort while hundreds of Charter members and partners are leading efforts to deal with the catastrophic flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, surrounding areas and within the state of Louisiana and then as a tropical depression in Arkansas.

Rev. Ann Helmke from Compassionate San Antonio wrote in an e-mail: Calling All Compassionate Cities! Harvey was large but Compassion is bigger!

Donate your best thinking skills. Use the Ethic of Reciprocity (aka. Golden Rule) to determine how you are going to give and serve! How would you wish to be treated and best served if your life had been hit by a hurricane? Do that. Do wisely.

Donate the gift of life. Blood accounts are low and are and will be desperately needed. Give to you local blood bank and designate Harvey Survivors as your recipient.

Donate prayer and positivity with everyone and in every direction. Compassion is a part of the human DNA. The more it is exercised, the more it expands. Harvey was big but Compassion is Bigger!

Donate your heart to our common unity and your community. We have more in common than we are different. We're stronger together than we are apart. Together we are the Greater Good.

Be apart of this do-Nation! Give a donation of Compassion today! Donate bigger than Texas!