William and Mary

Available Groups (fall and spring)

Body Image and Eating Concerns

This group is for students who wish to explore their relationship with food and their body image.   The group hopes to provide a safe environment to explore the pressures placed on many students to live up to society’s ideal appearance standards.

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Support Group

Are you pissed at the heterosexist assumptions applied to you? Do you feel discriminated against or invisible at times? Do you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself due to your sexual orientation or gender identity? Are you sick of conforming to other people’s gender norms?  This group is intended to explore issues pertinent to the lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning students.  It will provide an environment for participants to explore personal and interpersonal concerns with peers and professionals in a safe environment.

Global Cultures Group

This group is composed of first generation students of different ethic groups (and religious backgrounds).  We address student member concerns including :  the path to developing one's own cultural identity, cultural differences with parents, how to balance the divide between one's home culture and mainstream American culture.  Specific topics addressed include among others: dating, arranged marriages, and handling differences with parents in expectations and career choice.

Understanding Self and Others

This group is a safe environment where one may develop more self awareness and grow personally while exploring oneself in relationship with others.  Often members benefit by finding effective ways to connect and communicate with others while addressing their own personal concerns. (Group members provide support and helpful feedback to one another.) 

Graduate Student Support Group

This group is for graduatestudents enrolled at the College of William and Mary. The group is designed toexplore a variety of concerns (e.g., interpersonal, relationship, academic) aswell as the general demands of being a graduate student. A 30-minute pre-groupmeeting is required. Please call to schedule an initial assessment.

The Journey: Reclaiming Life After Loss

The purpose of the group is to provide students dealing with recent grief and loss issues a framework to understand the thoughts and emotions they are experiencing. Grief is a natural and necessary journey that follows the loss of loved ones. Students will explore what the journey entails and evaluate where they are on that path.

Ups and Downs Group

This group is for students who have experienced periods of severe depression or unstable mood which impact their daily functioning, or have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  Members provide support to one another in learning to live healthy lifestyles within the college environment that promote stable mood along with academic and social success.

If interested in any of these groups, please call the Counseling Center at 221-3620 and ask for enrollment information. Also see our on-line information about what to expect in group counseling.