Available Groups - Fall 2016

Understanding Self and Others

This group attempts to provide a safe environment where one may develop more self-awareness and grow personally while exploring oneself in relationship with others. Often members benefit by finding effective ways to connect and communicate with others while addressing their own personal concerns. Group members work toward providing support and helpful feedback to one another.

Understanding Self and Others for Women

This group attempts to provide a safe environment in which students can develop further self-awareness and grow personally while exploring oneself in relationship with others.  Often members benefit from a sense of connection vs. isolation, opportunities for learning and practicing effective ways to connect and communicate, an appreciation of the difference between effective ways of relating and the potential unproductive/unsuccessful interpersonal patterns used in the past or in other relationships, work on own personal goals and concerns (general relationship issues, assertiveness, social anxiety, body image/eating issues, survivor/trauma related concerns, etc.). Group members are encouraged to provide support and helpful/genuine feedback to one another.

Ups and Downs Group

This group is for students who have experienced episodes of unstable mood which impact their daily functioning, or have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.  Members provide support to one another in learning to live healthy lifestyles within the college environment that promote stable mood along with academic and social success.

"The Happiness Project"

Inspired by the book of the same name, this psycho-educational group will explore the skills and abilities that contribute to happiness, contentment, and resilience in young adults.  Each week, the group will focus on a specific topic (e.g., gratitude, grit, flow, finding purpose & meaning, etc.) with experiential exercises, group discussions, inspirational videos, etc.  Anyone with an interest is welcome to attend

If interested in any of these groups, please call the Counseling Center at (757) 221-3620 and ask to schedule an initial assessment.  For more information about group, see our on-line information about what to expect in group counseling.