William and Mary

Student Advisory Committee


The WMCC Student Advisory Committee is to provide a forum for W&M student stakeholders to help the WMCC support mental and emotional well-being of W&M students by : 1) encouraging and supporting student advocacy for campus mental health issues; 2) disseminating accurate information about personal support resources in the W&M community; 3) fostering leadership skills in W&M students with interests in mental and emotional wellness; and 4) support the collaboration of student mental health and wellness organizations at W&M.

Description of Advisory Committee

The committee will be facilitated by Dr. Warrenetta Mann, Director of the WMCC and other members of the staff.  The committee will meet monthly for 1.5 hours throughout the academic year. 

Committee Composition

Membership will consist of up to 12 students who represent a cross section of the W&M community and groups focused on health and wellness advocacy.  Designated membership will be drawn from the Student Assembly, Greek Life, the Student Athlete Advisory Council, Health Outreach Peer Educators, Residence Hall Association, and Active Minds.  In addition there will be 6 “at large” student members.  At large students will be recruited from and chosen from the general student population.  All members will be chosen through an application process that is widely advertised to the entire student body.  The Mental Health and Wellness Task Force will have an ad hoc seat on the Advisory Council in order to ensure continuity and collaboration campus wide.   

Student Membership Requirements

The duration of the advisory committee term is one year.  Students representing groups as designated members may be reappointed with approval from WMCC or new representatives may be chosen from these student groups each year.  Students in “at large” positions can reapply for the next year’s committee membership.

Students will apply for council positions in the spring semester and will serve from the beginning of the following fall semester through the end of the next spring semester (1 year). Requirements for student membership are:  1) current enrollment as a W&M student 2) availability to meet at the committee meeting time, and 3) commitment to making a positive contribution to the resilience and well-being of W&M students. 

Application Process

Please complete the online application.