The College of William & Mary recognizes leadership as a vital component of a well-rounded college education, and through the Office of Student Leadership Development currently offers four specific programs for you to further develop your leadership skills, network with fellow campus leaders, and learn life-long success strategies.

The diversity and range of programs cater to a wide array of needs and experiences. If you are looking for ways to develop personal leadership skills, the Office of Student Leadership Development has programs and resources to offer!

Student Leadership Foundation (SLF) is an eight week program for Freshmen and Sophomore students.  This program is designed to support rising campus leaders as they build a strong network with fellow leaders on campus that they will use for years to come.  Participants are selected through an application process. 

Women's Leadership Program (WLP) is a leadership program for Junior and Senior women at W&M during the Fall semester.  The goal of WLP is to provide a forum for women to learn more about themselves as leaders, discuss women’s issues, and gain clarification on career and life goals. Participants for this program are selected through an application process occuring in the late Spring.

TRAIN Leadership is broad selection of leadership/organizational development workshops available to student clubs and organizations.  Each of these workshops is facilitated by fellow student leaders who have been trained to lead these workshops.