President's Award for Service to the Community

The President’s Office and The Office of Community Engagement select recipients of the President’s Award for Service to the Community. Each year one award is given to a student and one to a faculty or staff member who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to service and made a significant and measurable impact on our community.

The award carries a prize of $500, which is donated in the name of the award recipient to a community organization of the recipient's choice. The winners are recognized at Opening Convocation.

Any member of the College community (faculty or staff, full or part time) may be nominated and apply. The impact of nominees' service need not be wide, but focused and reflecting a sustained commitment to a small group, community, or social issue. 

To Apply

Complete this Tribe Form by June 26 at noon Eastern, and submit a letter of recommendation from someone familiar with your engagement (please save the document as "[your last name], recommendation") via email to the [[oce, Office of Community Engagement]]. Your recommender may be a community member, fellow student, staff, or faculty member.

If you'd like to nominate someone for the award, please send an email to the [[oce, Office of Community Engagement]] by May 1 with your nominee's name and email address.