Virginia Shakespeare Festival

The Official State Festival of Virginia Celebrates its 37th Anniversary Season!

All's Well That Ends Well SketchALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL

by William Shakespeare
July 8 - July 19

“Love in spite of it all, love when there is no hope, love because there is nothing else that matters in the end.”  Helena, an orphan will little hope but great courage and tremendous intelligence uses every trick in the book to win her man.  Is he flawed? Yes, certainly.  Does he see what he’s missing? No, he doesn’t...yet.  Full of comic characters, adventure, swashbuckling and bravado this play proves that no man is a match for a truly determined woman.

Antony & Cleopatra SketchANTONY & CLEOPATRA

by William Shakespeare
July 23 - August 2

Not quite a “sequel” but we do pick up the Roman world we began with Julius Caesar last year.  It is many years later and the triumvirate of Octavius, Lepidus, and Antony are still in power though Antony has deserted Rome (and his wife) for the charms of the “temptress of the Nile”.  Political maneuvering will eventually lead to combat but not before two of Shakespeare’s greatest characters have wrung every ounce of passion from each other and those that surround them.