Junior Year or Semester in Münster

Each year the German Studies Program selects one or two William and Mary students to study during their junior year at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Germany. By agreement with the university's Akademisches Auslandsamt (Foreign Student Office), one of these students is automatically admitted for the academic year. The German faculty also designates one of the students to receive a small maintenance scholarship (EURO 250 per month for 10 months) provided through the Akademisches Auslandsamt. A room in a dormitory is reserved for one W&M student. Students are also eligible to apply for additional funds from the Richard Guthrie Fund (for German Studies majors) and  the Else Diduk Scholarhip Fund, which is designated specifically for W&M students who study in Münster. 


William and Mary students attend regular classes at the university, and thus must possess good fluency in German in order to profit from this opportunity. The minimum level of qualification for the program is five semesters of college-level German or the equivalent, i.e., German 205, 206 or 208. Even for those with this background, the German faculty sometimes recommends a 4- to 8-week intensive course at a Goethe-Institut in Germany before the beginning of the university's academic year.

Living and Academic Arrangements

The students live in university dormitories, generally in single rooms with individual or shared kitchen and lavatory facilities. There is no on-site director from William and Mary, but assistance is available from three sources:

  • The Akademisches Auslandsamt.
  • The William and Mary German House tutor, who is selected each year by the English department at the University of Münster and returns to the university in the following year.
  • The Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft, a group of families and individuals in Münster who have a strong interest in fostering German-American relations and thus "adopt" the William and Mary students.
If you are interested in studying in Münster, contact Professor Jenny Taylor ([[jltay1]]).