Marantz Recorders

Marantz Professional Solid State Recorder
Machine Setup
  • Recorder
  • AC adapter (optional)
    Always use external power source if available to conserve battery life.
  • Headphones (optional)
  • External microphone (optional)
    Needed for certain recording conditions but often unnecessary.
  • USB cord (needed for file transfer)
    USB use described below.
  1. Access configuration menu by pressing Menu/Store/Edit.
  2. Find the Preset you wish to use with the Track Jump buttons (<< and >>) and select it with Play/Pause/Enter. Preset 1 is generally for classroom recording.
  3. Select the option you want to adjust (if any) using the same method, and make your adjustment similarly.
  4. Exit the menu by pressing the Menu/Store/Edit button to save your changes.
Important Options
  • Input
    Generally set to Int Mic (for “Internal Microphone”).
  • Date/Time
    Important for file organization.
  • Rec Format
    For maximum recording time (for classes, etc.) use MP3-44.1K, for higher fidelity use PPC-48K.
  • RecChannel
    Should always be set to Mono for max. recording time.
  • SilentSkip
    Should usually be turned on. Skips silences in recording.
  • Auto Trk
    Breaks recording into tracks. Should be on at some setting.
  • LevelCont.
    Adjusts recording level. Should be ALC for classes, Manual for recording specific speakers.
  • Machine ID
    Should be set to the machine number for classes (e.g. LL1=LL001). Zeroes may be changed for better organization for non-class recordings.
  1. Put recorder on Stop mode (press Stop/Cancel).
  2. Attach external microphone if using one and set Input setting to Mic.
  3. Press Record when ready.
  4. Press Rec Pause to pause recording.
  5. Press Rec Pause again to resume recording.
  6. Press Stop to stop recording
    Recording after a Stop will start a new track, recording after a Pause will not.
  1. Select track to play with Track Jump buttons.
  2. Press Play to play.
  3. Press Pause to pause and Stop to stop.
  4. The Track Jump buttons serve as fast-forward and rewind buttons when held.
Deleting a Track
  1. Press and hold Shift then press Menu/Store/Edit.
  2. Press Play/Pause/Enter to select Trk Erase.
  3. Use Track Jump buttons to select track to erase.
  4. Press Play/Pause/Enter to erase the track.
    Tracks are not renumbered after an erasure.
Manual Recording Level Adjustment

If manually setting the recording level use the Rec Level dial on the front edge of the recorder. The optimal recording level is as close to 0 dB on the level gauge without going to Over.

Transferring Files via USB
  1. Attach USB cable to recorder and to computer’s USB port.
  2. Turn on recorder while holding down the Copy/USB button.
  3. Access the contents of the recorder as a removable drive.
Other Questions

Refer to the Marantz manual.