Committee on Sustainability

The Committee on Sustainability (COS) is charged with developing, planning and recommending to the President strategies for implementing the College's Sustainability Policy.  The core principle guiding the creation of COS is the integration of COS and its recommended sustainability program into the fabric of the College.  COS not only taps the intellectual capital of the College, but also feeds into and benefits from its teaching, research and service missions.

  • Committee is appointed
  • Term:  3 years (faculty), 1 year (students)
  • Advisory:  President
  • Chair:  Appointed by the President
Membership (2014-15)

Lynda L. Butler, Co-Chair
Dennis Taylor, Co-Chair
Bob Avalle
*Henry Broaddus
*Dan Cristol
Steve Cole
Andrew Fisher
*Van Dobson
*Calandra Waters Lake
Virginia Ambler, Ex Officio
Samuel Jones, Ex Officio
Anna Martin, Ex Officio

*Natalie Hurd
*Zander Pellegrino
*Brendon Turley

*indicates new member